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tomorrow's "To Do" List (read all 230 entries…)

- healthy breakfast
- bleach teeth
- mani pedi
- return some books, pick up stuff from library
- groceries: fish, celery, tomatoes, herbs, capers, fruit salad stuff, bananas, pine nuts
- S at 2:15
- ask at gym & gclub about hoda temp membership
- gym
- prepare for Hoda
- set up phone
- flowers

Sunday weight (read all 157 entries…)
Tuesday, July 3rd

It was a long weekend, so I’m late with this.


get my weight below 200 pounds (read all 24 entries…)
Tuesday, July 3rd


tomorrow's "To Do" List (read all 230 entries…)
Sassy Sunday

- Up early
- healthy breakfast
- bleach teeth
- clean out fridge
- sand box
- paint metal planters
- tidy house 30 minutes
- gymn
- manicure
- return music to library
- water plants
- clip back neighbour’s vines
- move sprinkler
- return CDs to library
- church
- set up all the phones through my house, FINALLY
- no TV

tomorrow's "To Do" List (read all 230 entries…)
Salty Saturday

- up early
- call S about dye
- healthy breakfast
- call Hoda
- tidy 30 minutes
- 30 minutes preparing food
- floss
- bleach
- gym
- massage 4-5:30

get my weight below 200 pounds (read all 24 entries…)
Heavy heart (and hips, thighs, stomach...)

It’s with a heavy heart that I reinstate this goal. I had it marked off as “completed” but I allowed my weight to sneak up again. I was as low as 188 in the autumn but now am almost 20lbs above that. sigh

It would be easy to get depressed about this but that wouldn’t help. When I become low, I tend to eat more and move less. So, I will try to maintain my good humor and simply start this goal again.

To quote Samuel Beckett, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Or, to quote a common saying, “Fall down 7 times, get up 8!”

Sunday weight (read all 157 entries…)
June 24


tomorrow's "To Do" List (read all 230 entries…)
Mysterious Monday

- up early
- put in load of laundry
- healthy breakfast
- make up gym bag
- gym
- shower there
- library & drop stuff for C & grocery shop
- make appt for photo shoot with A
- make res for dinner at G
- make hair appt for Wed

tomorrow's "To Do" List (read all 230 entries…)
Staid Saturday

- healthy breakfast
- freeze cookie dough
- go to library: return books, pick up holds, get help downloading
- go to grocery shop: veggies
- drop off stuff at security for C
- gym!
- movie at 7:15

tomorrow's "To Do" List (read all 230 entries…)
Mangey Monday

- Dude for air conditioner -- make up gym bag-
- healthy breakfast-
- call Rogers & deal with internet connection-
- 2PM skin zap—
- send everyone tannin stuff

tomorrow's "To Do" List (read all 230 entries…)

- healthy breakfast-
- gym-
- call Pet Store for Gastro-
- call for AC unit cleaning-
- Dundas for lunch-
- home-
- tidy 30 minutes-
- silicone for glass repair & black rubber stuff-
- garden 30 minutes
- keep working on ipod-
- prepare some food-

WOW – what a productive day! Even saw and chatted with Julianne Moore (!) in the Whole Foods… no joke! : )
- bed early

tomorrow's "To Do" List (read all 230 entries…)
Tantalizing Tuesday

- healthy breakfast
- pick up picture
- tidy 30 minutes

set a list of goals for myself weekly (read all 52 entries…)
Week of the 11th

- solve ipod issues once and for all!-

- figure out 30 things to donate/trash

- workout 5X-

treat sunday as a day of rest (read all 13 entries…)
June 20th, 2012

Gardened, went to the theatre, watched a wee bit of TV (booo!), hope to get to bed early.

tomorrow's "To Do" List (read all 230 entries…)
Million=dollar monday

-Up early-ish-
- weigh self
- healthy breakfast-
- make up gym bag-
- tidy 30 minutes
- gym early: cardio!-
- gym-
- post office, w Centre, buy stamps-
- tidy 30 minutes
- once and for all: ipod stuff!!!
- tackle desk for 10 minutes
- garden 30 minutes- move sprinkler
- garbage-

tomorrow's "To Do" List (read all 230 entries…)
peaceful Thursday

-healthy breakfast
- make up gymn bag
- figure out ipod save
- drop off envelope for C, including taxes and other stuff
- pick up library books
- trainer
- do hair & makeup
- remember chocolate from fridge

tomorrow's "To Do" List (read all 230 entries…)
Exciting Thursday!

- up early
- brush hair & get dressed
- close all windows & lock
- necklace
- put away trap
- put compost in bin
- put nightie in
- remove 1 dress
- put white socks in
- put ear plugs in
- put purse in
- cut up apple & put it in bag
- winter clothes for leather case
- write down 5 makeups from Makeupalley
- note to Bina
- email Simona pls put note on door

Create a personal mantra and live by it (read all 4 entries…)
What a difference!

I can say I’m happier and less anxious these days than I was when I came up with this mantra. “I can trust myself:” such basic words but going against much of what our society and peers imply we should feel. You’re not good enough. What makes you think that you know what’s right? How could you imagine that you’re enough, just as you are. I CAN TRUST MYSELF!

I’m not suggesting that this mantra is entirely to thank for my improved mood, but it certainly helped. Yay.

set a list of goals for myself weekly (read all 52 entries…)
Sunday, May 28th?

This week
- go to bed by 1AM every night/morning

- get below 200lbs

- delete 500 emails

tomorrow's "To Do" List (read all 230 entries…)
This afternoon/tonight

- tidy 45 minutes
- prepare for B
- eat healthy dinner
- Church
- call p. at 10PM
- floss & bleach
- mow front lawn
- compost
- prepare for week ahead

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