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  1. 1. fluent
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  2. 2. Make a Poison Ivy Costume
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  3. 3. change my relationship with food.
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  4. 4. be a magazine editor
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  5. 5. be in a relationship
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  6. 6. Fall in love
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  7. 7. Play more tennis
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volunteer at a crisis hotline

Only lasted 2 years, but what I learned it training will last me a lifetime

travel through spain

España, ¡que país más linda!

speak spanish
My life goal...A mi me fascina todo que tiene que ver con esta idioma!

Pues, supongo que ya he hecho esto, pero depende de tu definición de “hablar.” ¿Hablar como un hispanohablante? ¿Poder leer cualquier libro normal sin problemas? ¿Poder recordar cualquier conjugación sin vacilación? Para eso, ¡tengo muchisima para aprender!

I guess I technically have accomplished this, but it depends on your definition of “speak.” To speak like a native speaker? To be able to read any normal book with no problems? To be able to watch a movie with no subtitles? To be able to recall any conjugation without hesitation? For all that, I have A LOT to learn!

However, I have studied Spanish throughout high school, three years of college, and lived with a non English-speaking Spanish family in Spain for four months. In Spain I was taught history, classic literature, conversation, and mass media by native Spanish speakers without any use of any English (other than my dictionary). I can joke around and talk pop culture or politics to a decent, though limited degree.

To many people, my qualifications certianly classify as “speaking” Spanish. To me, though, I always ask myself how I would answer this question to a native speaker in the US. Yes, I speak Spanish, but I still need the support of my subtitles, and I still need native speakers to speak clearly or repeat themselves. I avoid verbs and conjugations that I don’t have memorized. So, Native Speaker, am I like you? NO

Put I’m still proud and will NEVER stop learning!


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