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  1. 1. be less dependent on my boyfriend
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  3. 3. pay off my credit card
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  4. 4. weigh 115 lbs.
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lose 20 lbs
Diet, Exercise and Dedication

I never really thought I was fat or anything. I was 18, 5’6”-ish and usually weighed between 135-140 lbs.

When I came to college, I was afraid of gaining “the freshman 15,” but right off the bat I met my current boyfriend who ate healthier than I did, was a great deal more active than I was, and therefore had a nicer looking body than I did. I figured he was good looking and had a nice body—he deserved a girlfriend who had a nice body, too.

So I started paying closer attention to what I ate – I started reading the nutrition labels of all the foods I used to love and began to ask myself whether it was worth it to add all the calories, fat, and sugar to my body just to enjoy something as small as a candy bar. I would think of a 100 calorie treat as something I would have to spend 10 minutes on the elliptical machine to burn off. Also, I started avoiding trans-fat altogether, the hardest type of fat to rid from your body.

It’s hard giving up extra scoops of ice cream, McDonald’s Frapp├ęs, cheesecake, excessive amounts of pop, and lots of other foods I love – but it’s a whole lot easier if you have someone to aid you in resisting temptation, like I did.

Eating better has helped a lot, but exercise is definitely what made the most difference, I think. I took an aerobics class at my school and bought a gym membership and started going to the gym twice a week. I didn’t even do excessive, draining workouts – I merely used the elliptical machine for 30 minutes to an hour, then did simple arms and abs workouts. I think what made the difference is that I was consistent. I didn’t notice that I was losing weight until other people started telling me. It was an excellent feeling! Over time, my tight fitting clothes became loose, my normal fitting clothes became too big, and I was able to exchange my size 9 junior jeans for a size 6!

Now I’m 19 and this morning I weighed 118 lbs (:

I feel much more attractive than I used to. I feel better about my body, and better yet, I feel healthier. I don’t feel uncomfortable wearing short-shorts or swimsuits anymore, and while I miss fattening food and love laying in bed and being lazy, it’s definitely worth it to eat healthier and exercise a few times a week. I feel better about myself overall (:


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