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she's afraid of the light in the dark

is studying intensely.

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weigh 49kg (read all 8 entries…)
I'm pregnant.

I suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is basically an extreme form of morning sickness, which meant that in my first trimester I lost two kilograms instead of gaining. Right now I weigh about 55kg (after putting some weight back on), but as I’m pregnant, weight loss is not my goal. Even after baby, my goal will be to be strong, fit, and healthy, which I’ll do via tumblring (fitblr) and fitocracy. I don’t really care what I weigh – how I feel, look, and how strong I am are much more important.

I managed to leave the house to visit the Royal Melbourne Show with my soon-to-be stepdaughters and fiance, and had to get an injection of Stemetil just to keep me from feeling nauseous. However, I hadn’t anticipated feeling exhausted just from walking for half an hour – by the end of our two hours, I could barely walk, my legs felt like lead, and I never, ever want to feel that weak again. As I’ve been in my sickbed I’ve been able to do no exercise, just a few dumbbell exercises for my arms, but even then I’ve not felt well.

I’m going to end this goal, and after birth, go back to getting fit, strong and healthy.

read books (read all 6 entries…)
A Song of Ice and Fire

As I’ve been left to my sickbed for the last two months, in the last week I’ve decided to start reading. I’d already read the first ASoIaF book, A Game of Thrones, and ordered the boxed set. I got through A Clash of Kings in about three days, and have started on A Storm of Swords.

I’m really enjoying the books – they’re interesting and engaging, and each character has something to offer you. There are some I like more than others – Arry, Daenerys, Tyrion – but even the stories of the other characters still draw me in. I’m glad there are so many books in the series so that hopefully I’ll have something to keep me going until I get better!

As a note: I watched the first series of Game of Thrones before I read the first book, and watched the second series before the second book. ASoS is the first book I’ve read before seeing the televised version. I know there are lots of differences, but I enjoy that – having seen the show didn’t make the book boring, and I doubt reading the book first will make the show boring. If you’re considering these novels but aren’t sure, try watching the first season, and then read the first few chapters of the novel. The first season and book are pretty close, but there is more divergence in the second, so you get more out of viewing/reading both.

maintain good mental health for the sake of my future children (read all 12 entries…)
this is never really "done" as it's a maintainence thing ...

but I’ve found the person I’m going to spend my life with, I’m pregnant with our first child, we’re in a home we are slowly making ours, and despite my ongoing hyperemesis gravidarum, I’m not on anti-depressants. Because of my sickness getting so bad, I’d been vomiting up my meds anyway, and then I just waited a day, and another day, and I got really bad headaches and felt shit, but eventually I’d gone a week, two weeks without them, and my mood was fine.

I have the life I want (not including the HG, of course), and I am really, truly happy. The “future child” is in my belly, right now, 13 weeks of age and growing, and I couldn’t be happier. This child will be brought into a family and world of love and adoration, intelligence, stability and happiness, and I am sure that I am up to the task.

finish my Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (read all 8 entries…)
well, half there ...

I’ve fallen pregnant, so since I’ve completed all components of my arts degree (but not science), I’m graduating at the start of next year with a Bachelor of Arts. I can always go back and do the BSc, getting credit for my previous work, but right now I’m not fussed. Glad I’ll be getting a degree! This is what I’ll be wearing:

read Shakespeare for class (read all 5 entries…)
sort of done!

well, the classes are over, so I don’t have to read any more. I only read one of the plays, because they take so long, and watched the rest. not all of his plays, of course, but all except Coriolanus and Henry V on my initial list. I had my test today, and my final essay is due next week. so I’m done with this goal!

do more for animal welfare (read all 7 entries…)

the past month or so has changed this goal a lot, and I’m really exceptionally proud of it all!

- I now volunteer weekly with Coldstream Animal Aid shelter, which I absolutely adore
- I’ve done training on first aid for (Australian) wildlife, training on how to search for animals after bushfires, and a training on the rescue and transport of injured wildlife
- I’ll soon be a rescue/transporter for Wildlife Victoria, several days a week
- when bushfire season hits (and apparently it’s looking to be bad this year), I’ll be volunteering all my spare time to go onto the fields to find animals or to treat them
- on the 29th I have a course in burns treatment for wildlife

I’m so proud of all of this. I’m also taking the November vegan easy challenge, which really will be a challenge for me! but I’m looking forward to it!

live more simply (read all 17 entries…)
hard with a boy

my boyfriend and I are, in some ways, very different, and simplicity is one of those areas. while he appreciates my enjoyment of it, it’s not his thing – when he’s here there are clothes on the couch or floor, papers all over his desk, crumbs on the bench and goodness knows what else. because he keeps some of his stuff here, too, it’s hard to have a simple place. I’ve decided to write some house guidelines so that tidiness and organisation are better, and that way (hopefully) simplicity will provail …

do more for animal welfare (read all 7 entries…)

on top of the knitting I do in my spare time for the pouches, I’ve now signed up to volunteer with the Animal Aid shelter in Coldstream! It’s about a half an hour drive away, but they have a wonderful attitude towards their animals and their happiness so I don’t mind the distance. I had the volunteer induction two weeks ago, and the specific induction to the cattery yesterday.

I’d love to work with dogs too, but I think I’ll start with cats and see how it goes. I also chose to do kitten afternoons, which means when the place is flooded with litters I’ll be wiping kitties up, changing their food and water and bedding, giving lots of cuddles and making sure not to go from the cattery to the kitten house (to avoid the spread of infection to the little ones).

I also have signed up with Wildlife Victoria, and I’ll be attending a day-long session on the care of injured wildlife this Sunday, which should enable me to sign up to their roster of emergency rescuers. This means if an animal is found that needs to be transported to a shelter in a given radius (of my nomination), I’ll drive out, pick it up and take it to the nearest shelter.

I’m really excited about all this, because aside from being vegetarian and volunteering at World Vegan Day in 2004, I haven’t really done much for the animals I so love.I feel like I’m really doing what I want, while studying, and even if it costs some money in petrol and lots of personal time, it’s more than worth the effort.

This is actually a photo of one of the cats I saw yesterday, Princess, who is a gorgeous little kitten who was sitting right up near the roof on the first aid kit while we were shown around.

grow a garden (read all 4 entries…)
first seeds sown!

Yesterday my boyfriend slept in, so instead of waking him while I was cleaning I finally went up and bought the seeds we needed – capsicum, beetroot, coriander, rocket and snow peas. I also bought some fertiliser, a DIY strawberry plant (that sounds obvious, but it comes with soil, the pot, and seeds), some purple flowers since my boy loves the colour, and a lamb’s ear plant which I absolutely adore and will add some silver foliage.

I planted all except the beetroot, snow peas and capsicum since I knew my boyfriend would want to, and he later planted the beetroot and capsicum, as well as a DIY tomato plant he’d had for months.

So, it’s 3-4 months before we get a harvest, but seedlings in a week or two – how exciting! It’s been brilliant weather for growth – rain interspersed by lots of sun – so since it’s warming up I’m going to make sure I keep watering the plants daily, and soon I’ll have some more love in my garden!

live within my means (read all 6 entries…)
doing well

I’ve been doing really well with this, especially since my boyfriend has started helping out with house costs financially. I had a $400 electricity bill, which we decided to split evenly, since he’s here so much, and with my pension discount it came to $320 anyway.

I’ve been managing money a lot better, putting some away to save, although I can’t wait until I’ve finished uni and can start working. I’m on the pension because I can’t work and study or else my mind goes silly, so when I finally graduate I look forward to working full time and being able to be really productive, as well as get paid for it!

read Shakespeare for class (read all 5 entries…)
only Othello left

thus far, I’ve read one play (Richard III) and watched The Winter’s Tale, MacBeth, Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice and Antony & Cleopatra. Actually, I only have Othello left to for class, but I missed watching Coriolanus and Henry V, so I’ll need to watch them before the end of semester.

I’ve found that watching the plays performed makes them so much easier to read. I don’t feel I lose anything by watching them because, well, they’re meant to be performed! Discussion in class also adds a huge amount to my understanding, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the unit so far. I have my oral presentation on the Winter’s Tale tomorrow, which will be great, and then have the essay comparing R+J and A Midsummer Night’s Dream costumes due the week after. Wonderful!

finish my Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (read all 8 entries…)
this is where I am - lost inside my degree!

actually, I’ve just been incredibly busy studying. and it’s paid off! I got 98% on a physics test which I was blown away by – I knew I’d passed but didn’t know I did that well! this semester is incredibly intense, and I’ve taken up some volunteering at an animal shelter too, so I’ve been quite busy – on top of that my boyfriend’s brother just got married, and this Thursday there’s a science ball in the city themed King Arthur, so I’ve also got a lot of extracurricular activities going on.

I’m really enjoying it, but not updating my 43things very much – no matter; when I finish my exams on November 27 I’ll be free for three months to work on all my goals!

sell old textbooks (read all 3 entries…)
not working ...

well, it’s been some time and I haven’t received any enquiries about the textbooks. I would now have taken them to the co-op bookshop at uni except that it shut down without warning, so I don’t have that option, either.

my boyfriend said “just throw them out”, but it’s such a waste, so I’m considering donating them to a charity for sale. unfortunately, I don’t know if anyone would buy from them, so I’m going to look into a few other options before I donate them.

read Shakespeare for class (read all 5 entries…)
reading Shakespeare takes time

I doubt I’ll be able to read all the plays this semester – instead I’ll have to watch most of them, if not all. I’m still reading Richard III – up to Act 4, Scene 4 – and with a fair amount to go. After that is Macbeth, which I can watch, then Henry V, which I might be able to find a copy of. I do love Shakespeare’s genius, though; such a simple thing as learning the difference between you/your/thee/thou makes a huge impact when you look at where they’re used. So this is great.

have a well defined back (read all 4 entries…)
it's hard to judge

how my back actually looks, but of late I think it looks nice. I don’t know if the pushups are developing it at all, but in a month or two I might take a comparison photo to see what I think. I think my scapulae are better developed (well, I mean the muscles let the bones be better defined), which is nice.

plant a tree (read all 3 entries…)

today’s the day. just need to get ready, get my gloves, head to the site with Jeremy, and hopefully it’ll all go well! I’ve never planted a tree, really, since I was a little kid in primary school, which I can’t remember, so I’m very excited.

maintain good mental health for the sake of my future children (read all 12 entries…)

The other day, last Thursday, I felt terrible. Awful. I was full of conflicting emotions and upset, and I could only think of cutting. I didn’t want to cut, and I was just kind of numb, and finally I decided on getting pierced instead. It would involve pain, plus a piercing, and it would help a little.

So, I went and got my septum pierced. It hurt like utter hell, because I have really thin cartilage so he had to take three tries at it; this is pretty much because it felt like there wasn’t any cartilage for him to pierce, and as he put the needle through he encountered the cartilage and had to stop. You can pierce through it, but it takes longer to heal. So he stopped, and my nose bled a lot, and I felt lightheaded so we ended up doing it with me lying down so the blood loss wouldn’t make me pass out (although he said if I did pass out he’d do it then for me, which was great!)

Finally done. It definitely lifted my spirits, although I’ve had a few bad days and I have a feeling I need to be on my guard. My grandma has been diagnosed with aggressive thyroid cancer, and although they’ve got 99.9% of it cut out, and I’m not so worried about her recovery, my alcoholic mother is calling up relatives and abusing them (her sister and my grandma live interstate) while trying to get them to sign statutory declarations saying that my grandma’s GP was incompetent. It’s upsetting everyone, particularly my grandma who won’t even talk to her because it’s too upsetting. And I’m the one left to try and stop my mother being selfish and abusive. While I’m trying to study, and deal with my own emotions.

But I can do this. It’s just life, and there’s good and bad and we need to show strength. So I’ll be fine.

(note: the septum is the nose piercing, not my labret)

live an inherently physically active life (read all 17 entries…)
the program

I’ve actually been doing okay, although I had a few bad days where I missed what I was meant to do, so I’m sort of making up for lost time. I also haven’t really had the time to walk, either, although I really know I should get out and get moving, because I really enjoy it. The important thing is that I’m sticking to it as best I can, and not stopping just because I’ve missed a day or two.

I’m seeing my biceps develop, which is really cool! I think I’m putting on muscle, so I hope I’m losing fat too – but again, I really need more cardio for that. So, yeah. Keep at it!

read Shakespeare for class (read all 5 entries…)
Richard III

I just started reading this online, using no fear shakespeare. I’ve found the site brilliant, and it really helps me to understand Shakespeare. I tend to read a person’s speech first, then the “translation” into modern English. It stays quite true to form, without trying to sound cool or appease the “younger” crowd, and I’m really enjoying reading it. I love that this version is online, although you can buy a hard copy – I’d invest, except that I have 10 plays to read and can’t buy them all. I’ll read the others online, and when it comes to essay time I might buy one or two that I’ll find most useful.

The play itself is good, though tiring to read because I have to keep clicking through to the next page (it’s broken down into about 100 pages instead of a scrollable few), and my eyes get sore. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a version of Shakespeare to read, I highly recommend this site. Class starts next week, and this will be the first play we look at, so I have to keep going (I’m only up to Act 2)!

be grateful for my boyfriend (read all 29 entries…)

the delicious minestrone he cooks, even though he thinks it’s “not great”. it’s delicious!

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