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jmm kazi

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Pierce my other nipple (read all 2 entries…)
One-eyed Joe

Yes. It is weird. And I intend to rectify it before August is gone.

put up a jazz ensemble
The No-Musicians Jazz Band

That’s it, done. three people, myself and two freaks like me. Drums, cornet and tenor sax. And that’s it. Rehearsing for about a month, now, we’re still figuring what kinda songs do click and people at the studio is already asking the name of the band, and if we don’t need a bass player. Or a pianist. Or a guitarrist.
Oh, no, thanks. Go and listen to Interstellar Space. Then you start to figure what we’re givin’ a try here.
World, I introduce you to the No-musicians Jazz Band. An free-avant-garde-experimental-jazz ensemble of three friends that decided wednesdays nights are worth some missed bars. And unheard-of chord progressions.

Lose 10 pounds (read all 2 entries…)
Setting impossible goals

I will never lose those 10 extra pounds. Even when I practiced kung-fu and my belly was Bruce-Lee-like I wasn’t 10 pounds thinner. I was a helluva thinner than now, but muscles count in when you climb the scales.
So, let it go for 8 pounds. I’d be satisfied.

study at UniBo
La dotta

That’s not what all my learning italian is all about. But it’s close.
University of Bologna is the oldest university in europe. I guess. That or very close to that (like, the second at worst).
Can you imagine the library at that place? Can you imagine having a doctorate issued there?
I can.

Live in Barcelona

I spent 4 days in Barcelona. I need to live there. I even took notes on places to rent and considered learning catalá.
Man, it’s a beautiful, cool city.

learn french
Noblesse oblige

Knowing various expressions - but knowing then in “parole”, only - makes me feel downright dumb. It’s strange when you can “get” the language and yet doesn’t know it really well. All the subtleties, that’s what I’m after.
Gotta know the “langue”. Gotta know if the title is spelled right.

Start my own business (read all 2 entries…)
No rest for the wicked

Ain’t no other way. Gotta start working for myself. Else I’m gonna start acting like crazy and people either will lock me in or make me VP.

own my own restaurant
Gotta try

I have all these ideias about recipes, presentation, decoration. My girlfriend also have ideas. Most of them better than mine.
And I have a perfect sous-chef and an ideal manager. All I lack is money.

learn Russian
translators = traitors

When I finally learned english enough to laugh at jokes in the movies (jokes that were lost in subtitling), it downed on me how much I must’ve lost all these years reading russian literature.
I tackled the cyrilic. But I still have to find a decent russian course here in São Paulo.

cook more for my friends (read all 2 entries…)

Well, I cook. I can cook. I’m used to hear people congratulate me for this flavor, that smell, the other texture.
I just gotta take the time. And earn more money. Interested in some japanese/indian/italian/brazilian meals? Drop me a line.

Buy a House
Travel light

Need a house for two basic reasons. Number one, I’m getting old (and this process is getting faster). Suddenly I’ll have no place of mine to settle. Number two, I still have some travel to do: Bologna, Barcelona, Paris… So I need somewhere to leave my stuff, somewhere I won’t bother anybody.
Besides, I enjoyed my time being a urban gypsie, moving almost every year, sometimes more than once a year. Yes, my years of life/number of places I’ve lived = less than 1.

Learn Japanese

Kaji shoulda be my name, not Kazi. That was an error.
Anyway, I can’t conceive spending the rest of my life not knowing what the kanji for my own name really means.
That’d be lame…

organize my mp3 collection
Do I need?

Thinking about it, why can’t I just buy a software that enables me to tag ‘em (artist, genre, album, set list; that’d do). And leave all of them in the same folder.
OK, anyone who browses my mp3 files will consider killing me as a favor to humanity. Thinking again. Maybe I’ll put them all in some sort of


folders structure.

Visit Italy

I’m half japanese, half brazilian indian, half portuguese and half italian. OK, there’s a lot of halves there.
But more than that, Italy fascinates me. The language, the food, the typography. And I also want to study there. In Bologna.
Just have to save the money.

start a magazine

It was about everything and nothing. It started as a fanzine and lasted 40 issues. I haven’t earned any money from it (although it made enough to put the next issue on the streets).
What’s left? Lots of friends, memories and a resumé little thicker.
Much fun.

Finish writing my movie.

The characters are fine. The scenes, I’ve pinned them down. The story was never THAT good, but it works, in a way—and I’ve got my gags to make things go.
But every time I write Joca’s lines, Mina’s, whoever, they all sound like they come from… A movie.

write a book

First, don’t get alarmed, I won’t write in English. I’ve some amount of self-counsciouseness.
Started already. Wrote 5 chapters. Garbage. So I’ll start again next summer. I hate summer. The suffering may be of help…

Get a tattoo (read all 2 entries…)

I’m finishing the design. It’s very personal and it’s gonna tell me what I mustn’t forget. And what I consistently do.
Sort of the trick on the flic Memento, only I am choosing one for the past ten years.
Oh, boy.
Maybe it’s just vanity after all.
Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas

Learn to play the piano
King of the instruments

OK, I’ve learned the bass guitar and the tenor saxophone. I even took singing and percussion classes. But one can never be content without playing the piano. To actually learn the piano is to learn all the subtleties of modern jazz. Composition, chord progression, improvisation, melodic and harmonic understandig is what every true-to-the-heart musician look up to.
It’s a matter of necessity…

Study Photography
Know what're ya doin'

Every now and then I take a picture that’s worth 3Mb on my hard disc. Say, 1% of the pictures I take. Reading Barthes was great, but I need more of the earthly stuff: ISO, ASA, shutter speed and stuff.

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