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Learn how to curl my hair

i couldn’t even tie my hair up in a ponytail until i was in grade 7! i’m hopeless with hair. i love having curly hair and i do have quite good natural waves that sometimes just need a bit of accentuating. my hair is so thick though it would take forever and it doesn’t seem to hold very well, no matter how hot an iron or how much of what product i use it goes limp.

must figure out a way.

stop my internet addiction
starting right now

i’ve wasted too many days of my life doing stupid things i can’t even remember. too many years eaten up over nothing, endless reels of blank, black screens.

i’m unplugging my laptop and putting it under my drawers.
i’m gonna go take a shower, get dressed, EAT, and maybe paint or something – i dunno

write a book of short stories
it's a nice idea

why not?

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