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make people smile


see the northern lights

this’ll be really cool experience!... since i am on the northern side im thinking its not that imposible to watch the northern ligths! :D

i want to get married and have kids by the age of 35 [!]
I am

now 30 so i still have 3 years… coz i want to have at least one child when i reached my 35th bday… on second thought i think this is kinda hard goal :D

be with "kulit" :) (read all 2 entries…)

he’s a nice guy after all… i think im crazy… hehe

count to sixty, think if it's really worth getting angry everytime I'm about to get angry
i don't

really keep track of how many times i count every time i get angry or about to, but it’s really worth doing as it practices your ability to take total control of your emotions/anger, and being in the control side specially when it comes to emotions, i find it quite self gratifying, it is like winning a battle or getting a strike…. :)

get rid of my luv handles hehe :D (read all 2 entries…)

yeah i am trying very hard on this one…
been going to the gym for almost 2 months and i hired a personal trainer for 6 months meeting him once a week :D…
things are looking up [at least for my glutes! lol]
legs are almost well toned and my arms too!! this is great!
eating more healthy stuff and less junk in my diet :)
im happy

not to be with "kulit" anymore :D (read all 2 entries…)

geez,.. what was i thinking?... i take it back now [the thing that i wanna be with mike]lol,..... i found out that mike’s kinda weird... the guy’s too sentisitive!.... ok i’ve been dating him for 3 weeks now and last night he came over to give me chocolates and a card for v-day…. and i just said to him that he looks soo tired and asked him if his eyes hurts coz it was too dark and deep as if somebody punched him…. and he went nuts… yep… hmmm, i never thought that guy could get upset with that nonsense comment… and after that comment of mine he wont stop talking and bitching about how sarcastic i was and the cultures and race and how i was brought up…. that really disgusts me…. i dont want to think that he’s a racist coz he told me that he dated so many nationality, but man he screeps me out remembering all the things he said to me… :(
i thought wrong of him i think .. oh well

be with "kulit" :) (read all 2 entries…)

coz he makes me feel wanted and cared for… :)
don’t you wanna be with the person who makes you feel good about yourself and treats you right?....

try to sleep when I have sleepless nights (read all 2 entries…)
argh =[

I think it’s all about getting old aright… should take some tee before retiring for bed

Learn Japanese
and write too!

kanji is hard… but if I have time I will devote it to learn the language… arigato ;)

Drive a stick
is all good

driving a stick is one of the cool things I’ve ever done… it was pretty scary to learn at first but all you really need is a friend who owns one and lets you wreck the clutch for all he cares…. master the down hill/up hill and you’re set to go…. now I own a prelude =] ... my “baby”

be a better date =] (read all 2 entries…)
k now...

for the first time in my dating life I asked somebody to go out with me!!!... yes it was a nerve wrecking experience [esp. when you’re a rookie :)..... so yep I want to be a better date tonight… and hopefully the next dates after this date :] if there are.
I can’t wait, haha I feel like I’m in grade school or something.. weird :-/

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