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find a new place to live
New flat on my own :-)

I’ve found a new little flat, since me and my ex have split up. I get the keys for it on Wednesday. Part of me is really excited, the other sad and another part of me is terrified – I have never lived on my own before (without friends etc). So it will be completely new, but also exciting and a learning curve!

Watch this space, I guess.

Complete "dry" January (read all 2 entries…)
Day 2

Well today I feel I even more shocking. I didn’t sleep well last night, kept tossing and turning, having hot flushes and a really horrible vivid dream that my boyfriend had an affair with my sister. When I woke up it still felt very real, it was really weird.

I’ve had a headache all morning which I haven’t been able to shift even with painkillers. I’m exhausted and my eyes feel really droopy. My concentration levels aren’t very good, I keep having to re-read the same line because it isn’t going in.

Generally not a good day so far really. I can’t tell if I’m actually poorly or whether it’s the no sugar withdrawals that are affecting me.

So far I have eaten today:

1 Probiotic Yoghurt
1 Bowl of Corn Flakes with milk
Small handful of nuts and seeds

Roasted red pepper, tomato and carrot soup for lunch.

I’ve got carrot batons with pesto hummous and guacamole for a mid-afternoon snack. Then five veg lasagne with spinach and pine nut topping and salad for tea.

I can’t wait to get into bed. Roll on 5pm when I can leave work and go home.

Complete "dry" January (read all 2 entries…)
Day 1 of the dry (no sugar January)

I know Dry January is usually the booze-free January, but I don’t usually drink alcohol anyway so I thought I’d use the time to do a sugar-free January instead.

I eat far too much chocolate, biscuits, cakes, puddings, sweet stuff that I think it’s time to stop. I don’t want to end up being diabetic!

I’ve decided to try cut out as much sugar as possible. I am allowing myself 1 sweetener in my tea (though I am reducing the amount of tea I drink).

So far today I have eaten:

1 Probiotic Yoghurt
1 Small Bowl of Original Readybrek with Milk & cinnamon
Handful of nuts and seeds

Just about to have tomato and basil soup for lunch.

I am absolutely starving, I’m exhausted and I’m a bit jittery. I feel like I’m hungover. Day one of cutting the sugar feels like hell. I want to go home and crawl into bed.

I’m not sure if I’m poorly or whether this is actually because I’ve not had any sugar, it’s pretty grim if it’s the latter!!

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