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  1. 1. Finish my PhD
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  2. 2. be more social
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  3. 3. meet more girls
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  4. 4. swim
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  5. 5. update 43things once a week
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  6. 6. wake up earlier
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  7. 7. be more productive at work
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  8. 8. meditate daily
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  9. 9. Start thinking more positive
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  10. 10. learn to brag appropriately
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be more social

I will add specific items later…

meet more girls

Ok this is the tough one. Whenever I have a chance I will approach and interact with more girls. This is the start, but “one step at a time is enough..2 :)


I discovered how good swimming feels quite lately. I will swim 4 times a week as an exercise 45-60 mins per session.
This week, I was more practicing the basic breaststroke technique rather than focusing on the speed. I am still quite slow but the technique seems to be all right. I am doing 10 laps in one session (with lot of resting in between). But today I felt that with the right technique I can do a lap without really getting too much tired, so I expect to increase the number of laps over time…

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