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Get my skydiving A License

hehe we seem to be the only two with this goal. sounds like the worlds against you! well,theyre mostly minor things (weather etc) that are out of your control, just keep at it, im sure youll get it soon!

not sure what i can suggest with turns, i didnt have any problems with them. just lower one shoulder and raise the other while trying to maintain a good arch (symmetrical in all other places). i found it helps to practice on a beanbag or something in front of a mirror and make sure you are symmetrical. often your legs can go all over the place without you noticing. video feedback of jumps also helps with this.

ive done AFF and have 4 more consolidation jumps to do. im in the same boat as you with regards jumping, i really want to get this license but finding the time to go down, and weather being okay is making it tricky!

do a backflip
well... i kind of did it.

well i did a backflip!! im stretching the truth a bit there. Ive done a backflip while freefalling (skydiving). so technically not completed what this thing is really about. just gotta do one on the ground now!

help my mum beat cancer

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

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