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How to stop biting my nails
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How to to bring my Science and Math Grade up before April 17
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stop biting my nails
MISSION: STOp bitting nails!

ok so my gracudation is coming up and i have almost everything perfect! i got my shoes, my dress, and even my speech. there is one problem. I CAN”T STOP BITTING MY NAILS! my goal is to not bite any of them for my graduation! it will be tough but i have to do this! wish me luck!

To bring my Science and Math Grade up before April 17
my grade.

well lately my grades have been pretty good but i have also noticed that my science and math grades are a failure :( i have only until April 17 to bring up my grade if i want to graduate to highschool. i also need to stay at a 3.0 grade average or higher if i want to sing at the graduation my choir director set up. i hope i can do it by then! i will be devastated if i dont… :(


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