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  1. 1. become a mermaid.
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    3,157 people
  2. 2. become a fairy
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    455 people
  3. 3. Prophecies
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  4. 4. do a back handspring
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    299 people
  5. 5. how to become a mermaid
    168 people
  6. 6. be a mermaid
    714 people
  7. 7. be a fairy
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  8. 8. Mermaids And Magick
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  9. 9. Find My Air Family
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    16 people
  10. 10. meet cole and dylan sprouse
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    490 people
  11. 11. do a back walkover
    63 people
  12. 12. become a witch
    241 people
  13. 13. Find the real Air Kingdom
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  14. 14. Become a model for lady symphonia
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  15. 15. i am a demigod
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    27 people
  16. 16. destroy the demons!
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  17. 17. School for the Evolved
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  18. 18. clean my room
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    2,794 people
  19. 19. become a neko
    378 people
  20. 20. do a neko spell
    134 people
  21. 21. Watch all the Sailor Moon Episodes, including movies, read all the mangas, watch Sera Myu and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
    409 people
  22. 22. ElementFamily
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  23. 23. DARKANGELS flock
    10 people
  24. 24. There IS a Differece Between All Princess And There Names.
    4 people
  25. 25. grow wings
    1,663 people
  26. 26. Learn to Become a Fairy
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  27. 27. Become A Winx Fairy
    95 people
  28. 28. Family past present
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    6 people
  29. 29. create a manga
    89 people
  30. 30. have a close bond with the goddess Nyx
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  31. 31. Find my famaliar
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    2 people
  32. 32. Become a Sailor Moon
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  33. 33. The Mermaid Chapel
    2 entries
    51 people
  34. 34. Become a vampire
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  35. 35. OUT
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How I did it
How to become a princess
It took me
3 years
It made me
Still learning

How to control wind
It took me
1 day
It made me

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The Mermaid Chapel (read all 2 entries…)

Honey please, Maybe if you except what you did to me and many others and APOLOGIZE I wouldn’t have to ruin try your “good name” and every family you come up with.

The Mermaid Chapel (read all 2 entries…)
To end the fights.

You all are all right about Madison, if you want to see more about how much of a fake she is go to the “Find My Air Family” goal. I’m not here to fight in fact I’m finally over all that happened with the airs family and following a new calling, you guys shouldn’t waste fighting with someone like that, believe me, me and many other such as the Family of the sea, and my friends have tried for theoast year. She keeps coming back and I guess she never will A message to Madison or Hakura or what ever you want to go by I don’t want to fight with you, but you need to respect people when you come on THEIR goal if you actually want people to be nice to you and go on your site stop advertising and starting fights where ever you go and

try not hurt people this time, Kay ;). Oh Yah and and one other thing don’t advertise on my site and never come back <•<. Sorry she caused you guys trouble.

have a close bond with the goddess Nyx (read all 3 entries…)
My experience

Basically in 10-20 minutes this is what happened. I hoped in my circle and opened up the window (not all the way so I didn’t get heat out it’s chilly, but worth it.) I focused on the elements I felt easch item around my circle a couple of times.I closed my eyes tighter and and td Nyx what I wanted (drunked half the water offered to Nyx like you suggested, Armen)while focusing on the night, I didn’t see but after foucsing I heard her say “My honorary daughter” and I also saw my Nyx vision where she was holding a baby in a long white gown ( I told you about this Armen) beautifulest five second vision ever. I could feel the air circulating in my
hinds I took it and tossed it in the night. Felt the water and all. the elements again and my mind said “I’m done”. I think when I threw the air it made new for my soul element water. And the vision symbols me and Nyx’s relationship. Hope I wasn’t to quick if you think, so I could do a long time medit tommorrow.

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