remember people's names

I have an awful memory. While I can remember about people and where I know them from, I am terrible with names. I forget the names of people I eat lunch with everyday. Because I normally cant remember their names I just avoid saying them. I talk to so many people without knowing their names. I really need to find a way to remember them better.

not let my rage take over

I can control all my emotions because I was taught to when I was little. However, one I never could seperate from was anger. Which means when I get mad, I get REALLY mad. Even my best friends are terrified of me when it takes over. I would never hurt them but the look in my eyes is enough to make even my guy friends nervous to make me angry. But I am a friendly person and my emotions go rapidly so if I’m pissed at one person I normaly dont take it out on others. I confront the person as soon as I can and get it out because when I hold it in, it eats away at me. I really want to work at seperating myself from this potentially dangerous emotion for fear of one day letting it take over to much.

learn to speak welsh

This language seems like alot of fun. And since I would like to live in Wales one day, I want to be able to speak the old language.

fly a helicopter

I want to fly a helicopter one day. I think it would be amazing to fly out durring a hurricane and rescue people in the ocean. The air just makes me feel so free because it is one of the last places people havent developed. You cant tame the air. You can catch it and use it to your advantage, but never tame it.



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