is chilling like matt dillon on penicilin

attend Coachella

me and my bff always want to go but we never do. so we should!

Attend the olympics.

i wanted to go so badly this year….it’s in my favorite place on earth…london. maybe in 2020.

do project 365

i love some of the 365 projects out there. i want to do one, but i want to figure out something that’s memorable and somewhat easy to do.

visit all 50 states

I want to do this just to say that I’ve done it.
So far I have visited/passed through ()...
1 Massachusetts
2 Vermont
3 Connecticut
4 New Hampshire
5 Maine
6 Rhode Island
7 New York
8 New Jersey
9 Maryland
10 Pennsylvania
11 Virginia
12 Tennessee
13 Florida
14 Georgia

15 Illinois*
16 Ohio *
17 California
18 Nevada

So not including the three pass by’s, I’ve visited 15/50 states.
I’ll get on that.

Get 100 followers on tumblr.

i don’t know why this is a big deal to do.

See SNL Live
SNL is amazing live.

I’ve seen SNL 3 times live. Twice from the lottery in August (my best friend won and i won and we took each other) and I did standby once with a group of friends. Totally worth it and a very exciting experience if you love SNL and comedy.

save more money

I need to do this because I’m gonna be broke ass from grad school. And since I want to move to NYC by January 2014 or June 2014, this would be a great start.



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