Knit warm cozy washable wool socks for the poor/homeless in my community
Knit warm cozy washable wool socks for the homeless AND for our MILITARY members!

I do this continually.
I also make slippersocks for veterans who reside in the VA Vet’s Homes.

WWKIP (read all 2 entries…)

WWKIP (read all 2 entries…)

I am hostessing the middle TN, USA ~ WWKIP day. WWKIP? World Wide Knit In Public day!

make 3 wishes come true for someone

I’m always asked about MY three wishes… and I always answer the same:
1. ???
2. ???
3. The ‘means’ to make someone else’s three wishes come true!

complete the tkga master knitter hand knitting program, level 1

I actually finished ALL levels eons ago. . .

knit all the yarn I've bought

But… then I just buy more for my stash and start all over, grin!

have a popular forum

I want my forum, KnitPICKERS @
AND my forum, Knitting Around @
to RIVAL Knitty’s Coffeshop and the Knitter’s Review Forum!

teach new knitters ALL the ways to knit SOCKS
Teach new knitters ALL the ways to knit socks!

On DPN’s, on one long circ, on two circ’s, toe up, cuff down. Hoorah for socks!

convert new knitters to Continetal Knitting
Convert all knitters to CONTINENTAL KNITTING

Throwing your yarn in the English/US fashion is mundane. Learn to knit Continental/German, where you hold your yarn in your LEFT hand and PICK, rather than ‘throw’!



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