make sure the people i love, know it


read more of the books i own

I live in a house full of novels, poetry and non-fiction, and yet so many of the things I pass every day heaven’t been given my full attention, a travesty the nature of which only became apparent to me after flicking through and then compulsively absorbing Khalil Gibran’s the prophet.

watch more black and white classic movies (pre-1950)
Cosa nostra film noir ^-^

This was a genre I loved as a small child, with the belief that bogart and his contemporaries were the coolest guys ever…

dance like no one is watching
With the proviso that no alcohol or other aids are involved111

This is easier at times than others…

Dance in the rain

It occured to me that rain is an acquired taste of an environment, but when the pathetic fallacy is just right…

save everybody

This one doesn’t really bear me explaining, but I should probably chalk up my little road to redemption every now and then…



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