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make my own infused liquor

Basically, I’d like to try making either lemoncello (possibly with cream in it) or vanilla vodka.

keep a health journal
dentistry, dexa scans and vitamin D

As I am getting older, my disuse of my body is catching up to me. I keep better track of my gas mileage than my personal health. In order to really figure out if I am coming out of the rickets woods, I’ll have to get a dexascan and get occasional blood tests. For now, my immediate goal is to transcribe or scan my health receipts into my computer. In addition, I might use daytum or a similar service to track how much sun I get a day – and if I floss or forget to take my supplements – and other, less personal historical data.

Read one book a month
I'd initially selected 'read more', but...

Such diffuse goals are hard to really say you have ‘done’ them. While this doesn’t have a stop date, I’m going to say ‘Read a book every month for a year’ as my own interpretation.

As such, I probably should decide on what to read. I’m thinking the Top 10 Books and the corresponding overwroughtly titled ‘recommended for the well educated’ list will be good mines for titles. Lolita seems like something I should add.

What is odd is I don’t have my own version of the Top 10 Faves list. I think I should; after all, I have ones for movies, television shows, video games and restaurants. The other list is perhaps more tempting, but I worry that it is more a waste of time.

Right now, I’d probably have a good mix of stuff I’d read in high school, graphic novels and nonfiction on it, but I’ll think a little bit before I put it together.

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