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  1. 1. get back into college
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  2. 2. stop procrastinating
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  3. 3. stick to a budget
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  4. 4. drink more water
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  5. 5. exercise
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  6. 6. graduate college with a bachelors degree
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  7. 7. Eat more fruits and vegetables
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  8. 8. get braces
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  9. 9. get veneers
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  10. 10. make a smaller ecological footprint
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  11. 11. live off the grid
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How I did it
How to graduate from college
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3 years
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How to fix my teeth
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1 year
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feel whole

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that was a minor setback but

About a year ago I broke my 5th metatarsal but its all better know and I really have no excuse so I’m going to start this back up> I intend to use scooby1961’s basic routine off of youtube. I intend to get this started right after next weeks organic chemistry exam.

exercise (read all 5 entries…)
Two steps forward one step back

well I hit a bit of a snag last week in aerobics.
While I bounding side to full of glee and exhaustion I lost track of my footing and came down at a bad angle. All of of my weight smack dab on the outer ridge of my right foot bearing down on my fifth metatarsal.At the time thought it may be broken, but there was only a half hour left in the routine so I sucked it up with a grin finished out with my best approximation of proper form. Now that several days have passed I am leaning toward the possibility that it may be sprained or just severely bruised. This kinda puts the squat machine and the treadmill off the menu for at least a few weeks. With any luck this will clear up before I lose the sparse gains Ive made low these many months.

exercise (read all 5 entries…)
Well quarter two of PE is finished.

I did weight lifting this quarter. I got 2” off the waist and put 1” on the biceps. I went from 228 to 224 lbs. I can tell already that this is going to be a year be year sort of thing, and that I really shouldn’t expect to see much progress on a week to week basis. For fall I signed up for both circuit weight training and aerobics. I’m cutting down to just calc and physics so that I can really bring my all to the gym for the next few quarters. Hopefully I’ll make some real headway on this by next summer.

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