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  1. 1. stop being a pack-rat
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  2. 2. get paid to help people
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  3. 3. work with kids
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  4. 4. patience to teach my kids music
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  5. 5. lose weight
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lose weight

I’m currently 159 lbs. I need to lose 15 lbs to be at a normal on the BMI scale. This is not easy since I have been working out since january I’ve only dropped 5lbs. Slowly but surely.

get paid to help people
Any grass is greener than where I'm at now.

I sit at a desk. I hardly interact with other people. I create spreadsheets to track/maintain financials. If I’m going to be away from my family 40 hours a week I need do something I’m going to enjoy. I get no joy in what I do. Sometimes I hope to get fired. Can you hear the monotone level of my voice. I feel my life slipping as my voice is washed into the background amongst the buzzing of the other worker bees.


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