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Learn to write smart aims - focusing on the measurable!

Basically looking though this i have put aims like
write postcards – well how many when and for how long?
so my aim is to make targets that I can actully cross off – and if it is a big target split it into littler ones.

Learn to cook more meals
Living alone

I was living alone with too much free time and a tight budget, this seems like the perfect way to learn to cook new food.
I ate really well, cooking most nights and filing the freezer to bursting with ready cooked meals for those days when the money ran out or the energy did.
Try and cook inseason, its nicer and cheeper, peppers vary from 1.20 to 60p depending on the season.
also reduce meat and eat free food – nettles are a great spring staple :) and free :D

Go to the CAT (center for alternative technology) AGM (read all 2 entries…)

This year i have chosen not to go as it looks decidedly less interesting. Not sure if my membership is year or life, but if life may go the year after

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