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read 100 books in 2006 (read all 4 entries…)
Fourplay : a novel /

12. Fourplay: A Novel – Jane Moore – 03.06

go to a Red Sox - Yankees game
Spring Training

I went last night to the Yankees Red Sox Spring Training game at Legends. Although it’s simply spring training and the numbers don’t count, the rivalry was still in full force and the game was still just as exciting as a regular season game in the Bronx or Boston. Go Yanks!!!

read 100 books in 2006 (read all 4 entries…)
Another one for March....

11. Richard Pelzer
A Brother’s Journey : Surviving a Childhood of Abuse – If you’ve ever read any of the books by David Pelzer (example: A Child Called It) then you know what you’re getting in to by reading this one. This was written by David’s brother Richard.

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