paint my kitchen

The bucket of bright red paint that has been sitting on my kitchen floor for over a month is begging to be spread on my walls.

follow a budget

I have been dreading this my whole life. I need to follow a budget so I can have a substantial savings account instead of the $80.01 I have in there now. I spend too much money on restaurants and not enough on my retirement.

meet my neighbors
My mysterious neighbors...

I live in a six-plex so I have have a few people to meet. I have met the man downstairs who helped me move my mattress in my apartment. I have also met the man across the hall and the man upstairs. Maybe I should change my goal to “know my neighbors” because meeting them once really isn’t enough. Anyways, I still have two more to meet. I was thinking of inviting them all up for dinner one night, but is that weird? Would anyone come, or would I be the crazy lady on the second floor?

take a vacation alone
Dreaming of solitary beaches...

I want so badly to wisk myself away to a lovely beach where the frozen cocktails are brought to me by a handsome beach boy. :) Alone…finally. What an amazing time that will be when I can finally afford it…and when I can convince friends and family that I have just turned my cell off for a few days and that I am not at the beach without them.

Own a pair of Manolos
My feet are begging me...

Oh how I wish I had a pair of manolos! I would wear them everywhere! I just have a hard time putting out that much money…but I think it is worth it. Maybe I can find gently used to complete this goal?

stop throwing clothes on the floor
Day One

So today I will tackle the pile of clothes on my floor, and then strive to always put them away. It seems so easy, but it is so hard!!!!!!

save for my retirement
Baby steps

I am looking in to starting a Roth IRA and also my 401K benifits from work. I think that getting these started will take a huge step in the right direction.

successfully grow plants in my home
Home Depot Stop 1

I am going to home depot this weekend to look at plants and decide who my new house friends will be. I will promise them that I will create a green thumb and not kill them.

Create a Family Recipe Book

I am excited to finally be committed to doing this. I have tried to gather recipes from my grandmother and mother for the last year, but it is so time consuming. I will start being more persistant and allocate time for this more often.



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