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  1. 1. Reflect, Select, and Remove
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  2. 2. Overcome Bulimia
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  3. 3. Get good at snowboarding
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  4. 4. Become a professor at Cal
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  5. 5. Achieve both Phd/Md
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  6. 6. get a motorcycle
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  7. 7. go noodling
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  8. 8. Visit a slaughterhouse
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  9. 9. swim with whale sharks
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  10. 10. find the symbol for my next tattoo
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let go
About time, damn it.

It took me 3 years to get over an emotionally dysfunctional relationship. I lost friends who were fed up with the unending torture that I put myself through. They were frustrated that they couldn’t do anything and that, simply, I couldn’t see the truth that he was toxic for me. I destroyed other romantic relationships because I had hopes that he would change. I basically put myself on hold for this sad, sad fellow.

Losing those friends were hard, but I wouldn’t be where I am now if they kept holding my hands. And for those other guys that I broke and left in pieces, I have vowed to never get into a relationship until I am ready.

I never felt more alone yet sturdy in where I stand in life.

I used to be afraid to walk around campus in case I saw him or vice versa. But the sad thing was that I both wanted and not wanted to see him. I was still chained to him even though he was not in my life anymore. But then one day, today, I went on this web site and clicked “I did it.” And this glorious wave of lightness came across me. I don’t know if I’ll feel the same way once I step out my house and walk around, but I think I’m going to be fine. I won’t be afraid anymore. I won’t be tied down to the past. I am going to only look forth and smile.

I mean what else can you do, ya’know?


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