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lose 50 pounds (read all 16 entries…)
Back on the wagon... for the last time!

Ok… so I sit here and I watch the Biggest Loser every week saying… I am sooooo getting off the couch in the morning and then tomorrow never comes! Well I decided to quit smoking and yesterday I ate so much I decided to go to the grocery store, buy some healthy snacks & sugar free gum and this morning I got up… worked out and only made it 21 minutes and then I ate a healthy breakfast and drank lots and lots of water! So I am soooooo proud of me! I finally started again after a couple of years! My beginning weight as of this morning was 237…. NOT good at all! Not going to be that anymore after this week. Totally going to do this. MY first goal is 50 pounds… and then we’ll go from there!

Quit Smoking (read all 3 entries…)
I am sooooo quitting for good this time!

Ok… I came up with a strong strategy… I haven’t smoked a cig since Sunday morning… slapped on a patch about an hour after I smoked the last one and realized after day 1… I don’t even need this patch. I ate a lot yesterday but today I got up worked out… chose a healthy breakfast & drank a ton of water! The cravings really aren’t bothering me that much. I do carry a patch & some sugar free gum with me just in case it gets bad… but I think I’m really going to make it thru it this time.

Love without fear (read all 5 entries…)
New Love of My Life

After 2 years of not even coming to this site… I finally found a way to get past my fear of love. I found love within myself! I met someone recently and I gave him my whole heart. I let go of all of the hurt and all of the pain from previous relationships including hurt from family, friends, my ex-husband and all of the men who didn’t deserve the love I had to give to begin with. The man I am with is the true love of my life and I would have never had the chance to love him or feel the love that he has shown me had I not let go of my past. This is how I learned to love without fear!!!

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