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Take more photos (read all 3 entries…)
600+ photos from burning man...

and i still didn’t catch nearly enough of the experience. but then, i doubt it’s possible to fully relate the is of burning man through photos…

Get more exercise
a personal trainer is the way to go

especially an expensive one – there’s no motivation like knowing you’re out a pretty penny if you miss a session.

pass the virginia bar
well, not so much.

2 tries, short by 4 points the second attempt.

so i passed the DC bar instead.

finish my xmas presents before mid-november
xmas has come and gone... off comes this particular thing. most of the presents were done by early december, so it wasn’t so bad.

i was particularly proud of a shadowbox photomontage i did for a friend – i used photos i’d snapped of his kids watching the fireworks last fourth of july. my hubby helped with the layout, and it came out lubberly. truly lubberly.

Take more photos (read all 3 entries…)

yeah, i’ve been taking more photos. of the monstrosity going up next door. i have to wonder: why are their basement windows at the level of my living room?


get a summer job
got it... kinda

i’m employed now. twice since i last posted. perhaps thrice before easter, if i’m lucky. we’ll see.

do well on my final exams (read all 4 entries…)
well, duh

of course it’s worth doing well. passing the bar is even more worth it… now that i know what it’s like NOT to. thbbbbbpht

housetrain the dog (read all 2 entries…)
hell, yeah

even though it required replacing the carpet and eventually selling the townhouse… (j/k, we didn’t need to sell the townhouse to housetrain the dog, but it certainly helped that our new house has hardwood floors throughout… MUCH easier to clean!)

work seriously on my papers this semester
well, not quite...

...they’re finished (long finished, in fact), that’s the important part. and i graduated. yay.

finish knitting that sweater

(as much as it will be—i still have to work in some of the dangling yarn tails. but it’s done.) i’ll even post a photo soon…

...a year qualifies as “soon,” doesn’t it?

housetrain the dog (read all 2 entries…)
finished that... nearly 2 years ago

although every now and again he does piss on the bed. THAT irritates me, but its usually because i’ve forgotten to let him out immediately after releasing him from the crate.

bad laloca! bad!

do well on my final exams (read all 4 entries…)
exams done!

(as of may, way back when. finished!)

develop my own philosophy (read all 3 entries…)
after class...

finally, a philosophy that makes sense. hegel! whaddaya know. maybe my brain is primed for the concept of Weltgeist because i’m such a fan of david brin’s earth

do well on my final exams (read all 4 entries…)
today's the first one

comparative law. here i go. i studied over the weekend. i studied last night. i reviewed this morning.

i’m this close to burned out. hopefully that’ll get me through to 3:00pm.

develop my own philosophy (read all 3 entries…)
some thoughts before class

All these philosophers believe in some “higher” concept/being/power. why? aristotle’s makes the most sense. beginning from the proposition that nothing can move unless something moves it, we are left with two possibilities: 1) there are an infinite number of “somethings” (time has no beginning) or 2) there is an original mover, imbued with the power to move itself.

I don’t see how the second proposition can be correct. what sort of power would allow something completely inert to move, sua sponte? I realize that the proposition that it cannot exist because I have never experienced it is a fallacy - i have never experienced sub-saharan Africa, and I’m pretty sure it does exist - but the leap to faith is a bit much for me.

so, back to the first proposition: time has no beginning. it is either an infinitely stretching string, or it is a circle. the circle idea was popular among many cultures, including the maya (el mundo al reves, el mundo al derecho). everything cycles. the seasons cycle, but individual things within the seasons change, grow, die, decompose, are reduced to irreducible bits and become other things. I can accept that. I have seen kittens and foals being born; cats and horses aging and dying. One of the oddest things I ever saw was a fly I had trapped in a small plastic box. It died in the box, and when I opened it several days later, it was crawling with maggots. Its own, most likely.

is that acceptable? tangible “things” exist as finite threads - hello, fates - on an enormous wheel. but i have cobbled this idea together from what I have read. Greek mythology. Indian mythology. The idea of the mandala. damn. let’s start again.

What do I know?

Does knowledge even exist? Or is there simply belief?
Can the mind create, without any “inputs”? Is there a capacity for originality, or is everything we do a reworking of that which we have experienced before?

Building blocks. Original awareness. Does a fetus “think”?

Is there a difference between human “thought” and animal “thought”? How am I different from my cats? Instinct or development of ideas through assumed consequences?
There we go again. The whole idea of consequences comes through observation. If I could observe nothing - feel, see, smell, hear nothing - would I believe that there are “causes” and “effects”?

I don’t see how our reality - that which we believe - can be divorced from our senses.

Take more photos (read all 3 entries…)
we'll see how it goes

i’m taking my camera to school today. it’s a wednesday; i only have two classes. borrowing an idea from another 43 things denizen, i’m going to try to take a bunch of photos every day for a week. we’ll see how it goes.

develop my own philosophy (read all 3 entries…)
what i do know
  • i find it difficult to study while wearing shoes.
  • i have no trouble accepting the ideas of the philosophers of antiquity as long as i don’t think about them too much.
  • i sometimes wonder who’s thinking the thoughts i hear in my head.
  • i like dr. brown’s cel-ray soda.
  • i believe that morality is subjective.
  • i do not understand how aquinas’ theory of natural law can be divorced from his belief in divine law.
  • i am adrift.

do well on my final exams (read all 4 entries…)
one upcoming

every semester starts the same way: i will do all my reading. i will take good notes in class. i will outline everything for the final.

somehow, it manages to fall by the wayside. my first final is on march 1. i have two weeks to read and outline. the “good notes” goal is too late. okay. let’s get this moving!



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