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My mom's

oldest brother was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer this week. Ouboet’s condition’s been deteriorating for some time now, but the doctors never thought to test for cancer. They simply assumed that it was his diabetes getting worse.

Ouboet’s been living with my mom for some time now. Sometimes he’s too weak to sit up in bed. He can still feed himself, but she pretty much does everything else. She’s so tired… This morning when I phoned she was down with a migraine, so I offered to visit her and help out. She never asks for help. She told me everything was under control. So then I offered to drive over and just hold her hand. She started to cry.

She was so happy to see me.

I don’t think my uncle’s got a lot of time left, but I know he’s receiving excellent care, and he says he’s not experiencing any pain. I’m worried about my mom. Nobody’s looking out for her, and I stay too far away to visit her every week. I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to care for a terminally ill family member.

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It's my

husband’s birthday on Sunday. He’s having a LAN party with the guys on Saturday (my idea), but will be home with us for the big day. I got him a Kindle! He’s going to be sooooo surprised :)

Took a big step towards a major goal today. It’s still too early to elaborate (or even add the goal on here…), but we’re nervous (me) and excited (him). And no, it’s not a baby.

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I managed

to survive the Bachelorette Party. It was fun-ish…

I guess I’m at that age where the majority of women around me are either pregnant or have small children at home. I’m entirely out of my depth when the conversation centres around stretch marks (prevention of), conception (ease/difficulty of), giving birth, teething, treatments for diaper rash etc. So I only smiled and nodded, and quietly sipped my cappuccino.

I guess I’ll have to get used to this dramatic shift in our group dynamics.

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It's my

friend Heather’s Bachelorette Party this weekend… The girl organising the affair had very lofty ideas when she invited us two months ago. The theme is Burlesque (it’s winter here…), and we were told to wear black, red and silver. Luckily, she now seems to have scaled back the list to only one requirement – red feathers. That’s doable. I don’t own black pants, or anything in red or silver. And the rest of the party is costing so much that I honestly don’t have the budget this month to go clothes shopping…

So tomorrow I have to go and buy Heather underwear. What happened to the days when you could give someone a nice muffin pan and some tea towels? This is going to be an expensive afternoon/evening… But it will be good to have a night out with the girls – I’m really starting to look forward to it :D

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I switched

back to my original meds about five days ago and I feel so much better. I still have to tell my doctor that our little experiment didn’t work, but I’m sure she’ll be fine with it.

My husband had a successful contract negotiation earlier this week :) I’ve had my doubts about this company, but he has a lot of respect for his boss and is learning so much. He will have to sign a 3-year contract, which sounds like a long time… But I guess it affords us some certainty in otherwise very uncertain times. For my part I will support and encourage him to the best of my abilities. And cook him delicious dinners for when he steps through the door at the end of the day :) Tonight we’re having chicken and mushroom pie!

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I haven't

had a professional haircut in more than a year… This is in part because I disobeyed my hairdresser and coloured my hair (at home). Then, for fear of the scolding I would inevidably receive, I started “trimming” it at home, by myself. About 14 months of this, and now I look like the girl from The Ring. So I phoned him up this morning, told him about the self-inflicted damage, and made an appointment for tomorrow.

I’m really looking forward to getting this mess sorted.

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It's been

a turbulent week… My doctor altered my meds about a month ago, and I’m having some trouble adjusting to the change. My mood’s been all over the place, and I haven’t been sleeping well at all. Luckily that changed last night. I don’t know if it was telling my husband that I’m feeling bad, or the flannel sheets on the bed, but I slept like a baby :)

My husband stood up for himself at work today. I’m so proud of him.

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Another surprisingly

cold and windy weekend. I spent Saturday afternoon reading in the garden with the sun to my back. It was lovely. There are so many things I love about autumn/winter… Being able to actually enjoy the sunshine is somewhere near the top of the list :)

Did the laundry this morning, and found no less than 7 “comfort socks” in Gustav’s bed. He seems to be hoarding our smells :) I don’t know how people can think of dogs as mere animals. They are such intelligent, emotional creatures.

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Drums of Autumn

And the fluff fest continues. I briefly considered switching to something a bit more substantial last night. It didn’t last long…

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with a lot of patience and a little help from my tech-savvy husband :) I’m now officially the proud holder of my very own PayPal account.

One step closer.

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I had

such a fun day yesterday. We cleaned the house, and then I visited my favourite shop in the world and finally used my birthday vouchers to buy some lovely quilting fabric for myself :) Afterwards I dropped in on two friends for an impromptu visit – something I wouldn’t normally do. I don’t know why, but oftentimes I find that unplanned visits turn into the greatest afternoons/evenings…

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This community

never ceases to amaze me. So many kind comments and messages of encouragement from virtual strangers. I thank each and every one of you :)

Today was much better. I put the bad experience behind me and am looking forward to my next project. And tomorrow is a public holiday, so I’ll get to spend some time with that handsome devil who shares my bed ;)

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I feel

particularly low today. I don’t think the woman I made the bohemian quilt for is going to pay me. It’s my own fault – I should have asked for a deposit, but seeing as she’s Izak’s flatmate and we’ve socialised before I though I could trust her to pay. It seems I was mistaken.

My mood is fluctuating between fury and disillusionment. This was an expensive lesson, well learnt.

Anyway, I’ve decided to give the quilt to my aunt Charlotte. She will never be able to afford something that expensive, and she really loved the previous little quilt I gave her. This way, something good will come of this whole horrible experience :)

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It's just

after five on a Saturday morning, and I’ve been awake for more than an hour now. One of the perks of starting work at 4 AM every morning…

It will be at least another four hours before my husband wakes. I was told last night, in no uncertain terms, that he’d be very upset if I woke him early. And I can’t go back to bed now because the three dogs took my place as soon as I got up. So it seems I’ve got the house to myself.

I think I’ll take Otto for a walk in a little while. With any luck Gustav will have licked Hubby awake by the time we get back :)

Get my PayPal account set up (read all 2 entries…)
What should

be a relatively simple procedure had become a bureaucratic obstacle course…

I’ve been walking around with the necessary documents for two weeks now, and have to get them certified TODAY! This will involve a visit to the local police station – oh joy.

Then I have to send it all to the middleman (a bank I would under normal circumstances never do business with…).

And then The Waiting Games begin! May the odds be ever in my favour :P

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Cleaning the

house is like exercise… I always dread doing it, but once I get into the swing of it, it’s really rather enjoyable. And I always feel so pleased with myself once I’m finished :)

Question: Is there anything better than a fresh, squeaky clean home?

Answer: A husband who comes home (early) with food, wine and flowers :)

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My husband

made me smile last night… He’s been working late some evenings, and thus gets to listen to The Money Show on 702 on his commute. So last night, out of the blue, he starts discussing Abenomics with me. We had an interesting talk and THEN he tells me that economics is such an interesting science, if only it didn’t get bogged down in so much jargon.

You could have knocked me over with a feather :)

He always makes fun of how worked-up I get about economic policy. Now he’s starting to see how it affects almost every aspect of our daily lives!

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I have to admit, I’m really loving this series.

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This past

weekend was delightful :) Cold and wet, and I spent most of it in bed with my book and the creatures I love most.

I’ve started crocheting a scarf for my husband. The wool is really
lovely – shades of turquoise, green and grey, and so soft. Feels good to have a little project again.

Wish the fabulous dragonfly35 a joyous birthday on April 22; one that filled with love, infinite positive energy, good health and fortune, and endless happiness!

Happy birthday dragonfly :)

May your day (and year) be filled with love, adventure, and many enjoyable walks with Blitz.

Have a great day!


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