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Get him to see that he’s torturing me (and I didn’t mean that to rhyme)
god. he just dosnt see.

I care so much about him. And worry about weather or not I make him happy. And he’s so closed up. I can’t read him at all. He gives me no signs. He never looks happy to see me. On our two month anniversarie he made plans to go out of town with his buddies. (He was free the next weekend, and the weekend before. and I know its only two months but it still hurt.) Do I have a right to be upset or am I overreacting?

know why hes ingoring me.
is he ignoring me? or does he just not care

It seems that my boyfriend doesn’t care about me. I see him almost every day. He never says hello first. We meet up in the park square allot. He lives closer to the square so he gets there faster then me, when he sees me walk up to him his expression doesn’t change. Our friends meet up there too. I am always the last one to get to the square, when he sees me coming, he doesn’t walk toward me, he doesn’t smile, say hello, or even bother to take a second to stop talking to his friends. Ill walk and sit next to him. And he will completely ignore me. I know he sees me, because he will look at me. But he ignores me until I say hello, and even when I say hello, I have to wait until he’s done with his conversation before I get an answer, or a hello back. The flip side, when he does say hello, he always gives me a big kiss. But then Im ignored again.

make someone fall in love with me (read all 3 entries…)

i was only messing around with this goal but it happened. someone fell in love wiht me. and i didnt even have to do anything but be me.

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