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get AAA rating on my performance appraisal (read all 28 entries…)
so far, so good.

Last Friday my line manager and I finalized my performance objectives for the rest of the year, and I’ve received feedback from her about how I was doing for the past four months. So far, so good. She likes how I’m focused and how I’m proactive about the goals I’ve listed. Her only negative feedback was that I’m too “segurista” at work that I have to be completely sure about what I’m doing before I do it. I rarely take risks with the issues and I never go on a hunch about how a problem can be solved, eventhough my hunch about it is pretty strong. Haha. So true!

Anyway, last week was a pretty good week at work, eventhough Monday was horrible and I was at the brink of a depression. Haha. I managed to get through that without much shopping damage. Had to go about it the way I dealt with depression at Safeway——cakes and ice cream for dessert after lunch. Haha. I love it.

I’ve found a wonderful way to deal with work stress—-take it one day at a time. :) I’ve also started taking down a lot of notes I can use as reference for the same issues during month-end. I really want to get AAA rating on my performance appraisal at the end of the year!! Focus, Sarah, focus. Remember your other goal of being of the world’s top 10 powerful women by 2018. Eyes on the prize!!

get AAA rating on my performance appraisal (read all 28 entries…)
one of them days.

So today, I wasn’t in the best of moods. I felt tired at work and I went home early. I really hope I don’t lose my motivation, focus and drive this week. There’s still so much to learn, so much to do and so much to improve on. Eyes on the prize and not what’s in front on me!

Thank You God for my job and for the opportunity of learning new things every single day.

take belly dancing lessons (read all 6 entries…)
first attempt

Yesterday, I tried the bellydancing class at the gym. It was quite fun and I love how sexy the movements are. It’s not sensual as tango, but more…out there. I love it. I think I’m going to go again next Saturday after my Turkish classes.

get AAA rating on my performance appraisal (read all 28 entries…)

Yesterday, I got an email from the VP(who’s currently in Zurich on a business trip) telling me that I’m doing a really great job and that he has received positive feedback from Zurich about my performance and how I’m proactive with CART issues. It completely made my day. It’s the VP who emailed me personally, can you imagine! Best compliment I’ve ever received thus far in the bank. I’m motivated now to get that A+ performance rating in my appraisal this year.

Learn to dance Argentine tango (read all 13 entries…)
Practica again tomorrow.

I’m so excited. :)

Learn to dance Argentine tango (read all 13 entries…)
role models

I have 2 new role models—Su Yen and Irene. I know them through the tango community. Both are older than me, both are extremely successful and both move with such grace when they dance tango. I love them. I aspire to move like them someday…

Get married to the man I love (read all 7 entries…)

I have the sweetest boyfriend in the world. After a tiring and very stressful day at work, I came home to steak, potatoes, broccoli and tomatoes for dinner. Thank You God for people through whom I feel Your love. Thank You for making me know love through him.

get AAA rating on my performance appraisal (read all 28 entries…)

So. Over the weekend, I finally finished My Performance Objectives draft. It’s good to have a guideline on how I’m going to be appraised at the end of the year. :) Now, I can align my daily tasks with that document.

Moved to the premier office last Monday where the investment and private bankers are. I love it!!! I’ve been dressing up more than usual as the office is more formal than the previous one. I’m so motivated to work the corporate ladder, be a super great banker and be one of the world’s most powerful women by 2018. Let’s do this, kids.

Thank You Lord for my job and for the little opportunities that you throw my way to test my patience, increase my understanding and help me be a better person. I love You!

Learn to dance Argentine tango (read all 13 entries…)
first lesson

...wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. I need to relearn how to walk…with grace!

I’m planning to continue with lessons after these workshops.

Learn to dance Argentine tango (read all 13 entries…)
Practica tomorrow.

Dear God, please bless my feet and make me graceful. Love, Sarah

get AAA rating on my performance appraisal (read all 28 entries…)

So. This colleague I was telling you about in my previous entry is beginning to piss me off…big time. I kill him with kindness as I cannot afford enemies and drama at the moment. But yeah, he makes these arrogant comments about me, makes fun of me in filipino(that way no one can call him on it because it’s against corporate ethics to make fun of your co-workers) and is such a big suck-up to the bosses. I’m trying my best to not let him affect me. But yah, it’s true what they say about Accenture people from Manila. Pfft.

Detaching. This is what I’m doing from this guy and this other girl(also from Accenture Manila). I really don’t give a damn what they say behind my back(coz I’m sure that’s what they both did last Friday when they went down for a smoke break without me!). I really don’t care. I’m working in that office, not to make friends but to climb up the corporate ladder. Pero haaaay, office politics seriously piss me off.

get AAA rating on my performance appraisal (read all 28 entries…)
whisper of an angel...

Today a colleague gave me constructive criticism at work. What he said almost made me cry and made me feel ashamed, but I’m going to take what he said and use it to improve myself. He told me I have a tendency to stick to things I know and not to explore the shores at work—-which I think is only partially true and the reason I do this is I don’t want to make super huge mistakes with financial data. :( The other day, I received feedback from another manager that I tend to panic a lot(this one is true).

And so, because of all this feedback, this weekend, I have decided to step back, regroup and review my approach at work. Perhaps there are indeed a few things I can change about myself. I need to be more proactive and take initiative in learning new things. After all, I’m all alone in this now…I have no one to depend on in the office except myself. Thank God for God’s words of wisdom spoken (though quite harshly) through my office mate. What a wake-up call indeed.

Thank you universe for aligning me with my goal and for leading me to the right way, though I may know nothing about it.

save $1000 by July 2008. (read all 12 entries…)
status update

July 4, 2008 – $580 (HSBC = 200, POSB = 330, POSB2 = 50).

Hopefully, by the end of the month, I can tick this goal off.

become one of the world's most powerful women by 2018 (read all 10 entries…)
getting there...

So. Today, while on the bus to work, I realized how I’m really slowly and surely living my dream. I now feel powerful and completely in-charge of my life. I worked hard and got the job in the company I wanted, I live in a nice condo with the man I love, my closet is filled with “power” clothes, and I actually earn enough money to indulge myself and the people I love. :) One would think that by having all that one could possibly want, one can now rest and be complacent about things—-well, quite contrary actually. Given all this, I’m actually more motivated than ever to develop all the talents I have and use all that I’ve been blessed with to do more in this world. I’m set on becoming one of the world’s most powerful women in 10 years’ time and I will accomplish that. All my actions and intentions are aligned to that goal. :)

Thank You Lord for this wonderful life. Thank You universe for granting me my wish.

get AAA rating on my performance appraisal (read all 28 entries…)

I feel extremely stressed today because of the NY Integrity Checks. Aiyah. Sometimes, I really can’t stand all the daily tasks I get assigned to do. There’s just so much to learn and there’s just not enough knowledge that gets passed around in the office. :(

But anyway, this is a one-off.

I’m still very thankful for having this job at this wonderful company, and I still want that AAA rating on my performance appraisal at the end of the year. I plan to learn all about the Zurich Integrity Checks next and master those. I also want to start working on the London BD tasks and streamline the processes involved in them.

get AAA rating on my performance appraisal (read all 28 entries…)

I got an email from my boss again confirming that I did an excellent job on my presentation. I’m really happy about that. :) I’m looking forward to doing more presentations in the future and getting that A+ rating on my performance appraisal! :)

Thank You God for being with me throughout that whole ordeal and thank You for giving me that chance to improve things in the office,

Learn to dance Argentine tango (read all 13 entries…)
I start next weekend...

I’m starting tango lessons this weekend. I hope I absorb everything easily…and I really learn all that I can from Isaac’s workshops. :) I’m really excited about this.

Thank You God for giving me these tango lessons,

be stronger (read all 19 entries…)
how to be financially stronger?

Hmm. That is the challenge I put to myself this month. I need to learn how to manage my money well and not let it get too wild that I can’t contain it in my bank account.


save $1000 by July 2008. (read all 12 entries…)

ok, recap of what the savings plan for now is.

I opened a savings account today, which is split into 2—-
long-term(10 years) and short term.

for the short-term, the bank will automatically deduct $50 every 1st of the month and put it in a separate account which isn’t easy for me to access(meaning, I have to go to the branch if i want to withdraw from this account. this short term savings will be for a trip or something big which i will want in the near future.

for long-term, the bank will automatically set aside $330 a month. it’s a complicated thing to explain over this site, but it’s a combined savings/insurance account which i will need to sustain for 10 years, afterwhich i get to withdraw everything i saved + 2.25 interest.

for the emergency funds, i’ve decided to maintain the citibank account for that. i will put roughly $400 on it a month, depending on expenses projected for that month.

on top of all this, i’m keeping the hsbc dollar account i started in manila and try to set aside $100 for that every month.


save $1000 by July 2008. (read all 12 entries…)

I’m opening a DBS account today which I will use for my bills. I will leave $500 in the citibank card and leave that card at home so that I can train myself to save. As you can see, the original plan of saving $900 didn’t work. I ended up spending that money for magazines, shopping and whatever else. :(

Ok, gotta get a move on with my day.

From now on, no more
1. magazines
2. cab rides TO the office(bus is the way to go).

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