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  1. 1. learn to like myself
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  2. 2. be a better person
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  3. 3. be a better wife
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  4. 4. not be so scatter brained
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  5. 5. be a better house keeper
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  6. 6. get rid of clutter
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  7. 7. stop smoking
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  8. 8. keep a budget
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  9. 9. become a beautician
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  10. 10. learn to cook better
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  11. 11. eat healthy
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  12. 12. exercise!!!
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  13. 13. lose 40 lbs
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  14. 14. adopt a dog
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  15. 15. make our life better
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  16. 16. To live instead of exist
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  17. 17. drive our hearse again
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  18. 18. go to and finish mortuary school!!
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drive our hearse again
freddie mae

my husband and i bought a 77 cadillac hearse this past winter. she has been our dream car since we were both kids. her name is freddie mae after the little old lady we bought her from. well famous, my husband, blew a rod and now she just sits there, waiting for her new motor. she will soon be finished sometime in june, so it wont be too long until we will be on the road again! i miss her. :(

To live instead of exist

if i were to die right now, or tomorrow, and i could look back and see what i have really done with my life, im not so sure that i would like what i would see. the good thing is that i HAVE chosen to exist, but thats not good enough, what i really want to do is be able to look back and say, “now that was what you call living!”

learn to like myself
i have to stop putting myself down

im not sure that some of my goals can be accomplished unless i learn to like, love, whatever, myself…me and “myself” are not friends at all right now! so, you wanna be friends?

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