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  1. 1. weigh 137 lbs
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  2. 2. write a book
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  3. 3. bake bread
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write a book
Thought process

I have a dictation app on my phone. It gives me the oppertunity to get my thoughts out

weigh 137 lbs
my reason

My self help guru would say the why will take care of the How. Why would I want to weigh 137? It is such a random number-I know! Well, I asked a friend of mine to pick a number ( I didn’t tell him why) and that is the number he choose. It is perfect, actually, because as of now I weigh 195lbs. When I weigh 137 I will have lost 58 lbs. They also say if you shoot for the moon, you will at least be among the stars. 137 is a safe weight for me. I will look spectacular.

bake bread
bring warmth into the food

I don’t have time to be the domestic goddess that I had always imagined myself being. That being said, if I could have just one skill that my kids could remember, I wish that could be baking bread. I had a bread machine but I kind of think that is cheating. I think I will give it a go


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