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floss every day for 6 weeks (read all 3 entries…)
the home stretch!

wow, I’m almost done! Not that I’ll stop flossing; I really do feel that I’m establishing a habit. I’ve only missed a few days. baby steps to better health.

drop off donations at Goodwill
clutter isn't conquered until the stuff is gone!

I’ve had a couple of bags of clutter, out-grown baby clothes, etc. that sat in my hall for a week, then moved into the garage and are now in my car. In the past I would have rolled around for MONTHS with this stuff in my car. But I’m determined to drop it off this week. I don’t want this stuff to get reabsorbed into my household. I want it gone! Plus, if it can bless someone else for the holidays, that would be awesome.

Eat chips and salsa for breakfast!
'cause sometimes you just have to follow that urge!

(my goal to lose weight notwithstanding, I need a little decadance today)

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