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  1. 1. volunteer at spca
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  2. 2. loose 50lbs
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  3. 3. go backpacking
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  4. 4. hike one time a month
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  5. 5. sell crafts
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  6. 6. exercise regulary
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  7. 7. learn to swing dance
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learn to swing dance
Dance Class!

Last night the bf and I went to the first of 3 beginner swing dance classes. Despite a little frustration coordinating all the steps and movements we both had a really fun time and cant wait to go back next Monday.If anyone is in the Baltimore area I really recommend Charm City Swing!

pay off credit card (read all 2 entries…)

Im working a second job on the occasional weekend for extra cash to pay off the card asap and thankfully this month im working a LOT. I just put the $500 Ive earned recently on the cc. New total – $1551

pay off credit card (read all 2 entries…)
the end is.....was in sight

Ive been keeping track of my spending and putting all my extra money to the credit card for about the last year. I was really close to paying off my credit card debt (just a few hundred off) and was hoping with Christmas money and a holiday bonus I’d be able to in January. Just as the end was insight…major car repair. Now im back up to a total of $2045.82. :(

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