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  1. 1. study
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  2. 2. Tidy my room and keep it tidy
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  3. 3. stay organized
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  4. 4. learn german
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  5. 5. facebook less
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  6. 6. go live in London
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  7. 7. stop procrastinating
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  8. 8. drink water
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  9. 9. exercise
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  10. 10. wake up early
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  11. 11. diet
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  12. 12. get corrective eye surgery or lasik
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Visit Berlin

Berlin is a fantastic city I had the pleasure to visit. I had a great week there and enjoyed its great art,history and people.
I rented a room in a hotel at Kurf├╝rstendamm a very nice, tidy street. It was full of shops and the subway took you all over the city.
I was astonished by the wonderful Potsdamer platz and by the great Brandenburgen door.
You must visit the Zoo, it is the biggest in Europe and there are so many animals, they look healty and like they are in their natural habitat, it is really a great show.
I went there in November and the weather was very cold, it was not snowing, but it was cold. Anyhow, with some winter clothes you could walk around the city and not even feel it.
People in Berlin are very polite and they all speak English, if you ask any information most of the times you’ll get answered with kindness.

I hope to go back in Berlin one day, it was definitely one of my favourite places.

learn how to organize projects on springpad

Springpad is a great tool if you need to organize not only your daily schedule, but to save notes, to save some random idea, a video you found on the internet, an interesting website.
Since I found out about springpad I never stopped using it, and I became quite good with its mechanism.

get corrective eye surgery or lasik

Well, I am not yet the “right” age to do it, I’m still 20 and have to wait some more years. I like myself in glasses, it’s not much of an appearence problem, it’s more that I always feel like I’m carrying weight when I wear them. I dislike them and when I wear contacts I feel like in Heaven gaining 360┬░ sight.

Can’t wait to get this!

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