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  1. 1. Memorize the US Army Officer's Creed
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  2. 2. learn Korean
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  3. 3. Embrace a minimalist lifestyle
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  4. 4. Read the entire Wheel of Time series
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  5. 5. Read the Bible
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  6. 6. Take golf lessons
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  7. 7. learn german
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  8. 8. Get six-pack abs
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  9. 9. Write a resume
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  10. 10. learn how to ski
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  11. 11. take better care of myself
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  12. 12. Develop a sound financial plan
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  13. 13. become debt free
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  14. 14. Find a career mentor
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  15. 15. learn archery
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  16. 16. Earn my Ranger Tab
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  17. 17. visit all seven continents
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  18. 18. see the northern lights
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  19. 19. Get my Master's Degree
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  20. 20. learn how to horseback ride
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  21. 21. run a marathon
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  22. 22. take ballroom dancing lessons
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  23. 23. get married
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  24. 24. do volunteer work
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  25. 25. publish a book
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  26. 26. Buy a House
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  27. 27. learn how to surf
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  28. 28. improve my wardrobe
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  29. 29. Study wine.
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  30. 30. learn how to drive stick shift
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  31. 31. create my happy place
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  32. 32. Earn Another Black Belt
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  33. 33. Improve my public speaking
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  34. 34. play the violin again
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  35. 35. Learn to cook
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  36. 36. see an opera
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  37. 37. make peace with my past
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  38. 38. become a better conversationalist
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  39. 39. Have Kids
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  40. 40. get my pilot's license
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  41. 41. learn fencing
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  42. 42. have it all
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  43. 43. Overcome Shyness
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learn Korean (read all 2 entries…)
So far so good...

OK, so I’ve been working on this for a couple hours each day now, in the late evening. I only wish that I had the time to work on this goal consistently, as I know that I will struggle with finding the time to work on it when I return to Korea.

I guess at the end of the day, it won’t get done until I make the time. I have to keep my expectations realistic and take every opportunity to practice while I’m over there.

I’ve been watching the hana hana hangul serious on youtube so I can learn the Korean alphabet, but the downside is you can’t go beyond lessons 7 without paying (sneaky sneaky). Therefore, I’ve been supplementing my lessons with other videos, books, and my parents.

My goal before I return to korea is to be able to read the korean alphabet and basic conversational expressions which I can build off of.

Wish me luck ^_‘V

learn Korean (read all 2 entries…)
OK, Let's do this!

First of all, I have a confession to make. I am an ethnic Korean-American, who was born in the US who does NOT know how to speak Korean. Unfortunately, I found myself stationed in South Korea four years into my military career.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of being treated like a foreigner (though I technically am lol). It would be nice to be able to converse with my family in our native tongue. I’ve developed an ear for it over the years, as my parents spoke hangul to me but I always spoke back in English.

After working on this off and on, I am going to knuckle down and do this. I have avoided making any kind of commitment to this goal because my work has been keeping me busy. But if I don’t commit at some point, I’ll never get around to doing this.

From now through next year, I will dedicate at least 30 minutes per day towards bettering my Korean.

Today, I went on youtube and studied the first two “talk to me in Korean” videos so I could try and learn the hangul alphabet first. While I’ve been using Rosetta Stone, I find that it’s a poor way of learning how to read. A solid understanding of the how to read Korean will help considerably.

learn german (read all 2 entries…)
Level 1, Unit 2

OK, this goal has been on hold for awhile as I’ve been getting settled back home in Frauenberg. But I finally have a working internet connection again (Yay!) so I’m able to log on to Rosetta Stone TotalE again.

I spent a good chunk of the evening knocking out the Level 1, Unit 1 refreshers. When I was done with that, I moved on to Unit 2 and completed a whole sub-unit.

My ongoing goal will be to finish one sub-unit a week, in addition to immersing myself with as much of the German language and culture around me as possible. I will probably hit up the secondhand shops downtown to find some more children’s books, as they are useful in learning the basic words and phrases.

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