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  1. 1. stop smoking
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  2. 2. finish decorating my flat
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  3. 3. finish my paintings
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  4. 4. learn how to play guitar well
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  5. 5. record my songs
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  6. 6. finish writing my book
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  7. 7. start my business
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  8. 8. move to Edinburgh
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  9. 9. get a whippet
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  10. 10. get the body that I want
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  11. 11. sort out my finances
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  12. 12. go to Tokyo
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finish my paintings (read all 2 entries…)

So the flexible target totally failed. Have progressed somewhat on the paintings but nowhere near as much as I would have liked to. A lot of painting on and scraping off has been happening. Not going to give myself a deadline here. It’ll be finished when its finished.

stop smoking
Bloody Hell!

So after a total of 17 hours I broke and bought myself some baccy, paper and a box of matches and smoked one ciggie. WEAK! WEAK! WEAK! I hate it when I’m like this. I hate not being in control and I hate that tobacco has so much control over me. Fuck. I can feel the baccy there, in my pocket. I want to throw it out but I haven’t yet, what’s that all about? Right, thats it, its going in the bin.

finish my paintings (read all 2 entries…)
Cheap bithdays

I need to get these done. They are birthday presents. For a 40th and a 31st. The preliminary underpainting is done on both of them but I need to really crack on with the major work of getting them finished.

I’m going to give myself a flexible target of around 3 weeks for each one.

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