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visit every lighthouse in america (read all 3 entries…)
A few years, a few lighthouses...

In the three years I’ve been neglecting 43 Things, I’ve done a bit of traveling and added a few lighthouses to the list! Let’s see… saw the Sullivan’s Island Light and the Morris Island Light in Charleston, SC. Caught a distant glimpse of the Egmont Key Light in Tampa, but wasn’t able to take the ferry out to the island because it was the off season. Bummer! Saw the Sanibel Light, which isn’t as exciting to me because it’s an iron skeleton, and I much prefer the towers, but it does have the advantage of being in one of my favorite places ever! The coolest one I’ve seen recently is Faro Celerain in Cozumel, Mexico, which I visited while on a cruise… the photo I’ve included in this entry is from the top of Faro Celerain.

finish my quilt (read all 5 entries…)

Well, in the years since I was last active on 43 Things, I completed my quilt of old T-shirts! Did it entirely by hand, and I’m terribly proud of it.

make myself a FABULOUS hat for the Kentucky Derby! (read all 2 entries…)
Done and done!

So I’ve been out of the 43 Things habit for several years now, but I’m back! And in the meantime, I decorated this hat, which I think is pretty fab.

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