is cleaning my room, de-cluttering everything just like in my life

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lesliemyr's Life List

  1. 1. free of sickness
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  2. 2. break the cycle
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  3. 3. Faith
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  4. 4. be positive
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  5. 5. be healthy
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  6. 6. physically fit
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  7. 7. confidence
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  8. 8. learn piano
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  9. 9. learn guitar
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  10. 10. to be a medical doctor
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  11. 11. travel around the world
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  12. 12. Become a billionaire
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  13. 13. build myself
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  14. 14. run a marathon
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  15. 15. learn photoshop
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  16. 16. Learn internet marketing
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  17. 17. learn seo
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  18. 18. learn adobe illustration
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  19. 19. learn skills
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  20. 20. Never give up
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  21. 21. conquer fear
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  22. 22. rewrite my future
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  23. 23. clean my room
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  24. 24. Be a better me
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  25. 25. to be a committed and happy worker
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  26. 26. be fearless
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  27. 27. be fit and fabolous
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  28. 28. be organize
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Recent entries
be grateful
give thanks with a grateful heart

I want to be thankful in many ways such as :

1.) I am thankful that I had found a good doctor and who motivates me on the road to recovery

2.) I am so grateful because my boyfriend loves me thru sickness and health, for richer and for poorer

3.) I am thankful for the beautiful sunny weather today.

4.) I am thankful for my volunteer job on rehabilitation clinic it gave me an opportunity to help other people and make new friends

5.) I am thankful because I have been diagnosed correctly and gave me the idea about my sickness

6.) I am thankful to connect with my old friends it made me laugh and forget my worries

7.) I am thankful because a lot of people gives me new stuff

8.) I am thankful because God made me tough

9.) I am thankful because my family is very supportive

10.) I am grateful because I can walk again unlike before I couldnt because of my slip-disc

faith in the impossible

When my physician told me that I have a Crohn’s disease , I felt that my world stop moving for a moment. It has been said that having a auto-immune disease is incurable. Yet I believe that with God everything is possible. Faith with out works is dead and vice-versa. Faith in God has such power to turn tables, and my faith in God is all I have left in me to make me believe my sickness is reversible and I can still go on with my life.

break the cycle
learning to break the chain ..

for the the past 2 years I felt like I am trapped in the chain of sickness..I was always sick..everytime I have a migraine, sinusitis or feeling tired I don’t go to work and in the long run I end up in AWOL..I usually couldn’t finish what I’ve started.. I have already shop a lot of employers because I couldn’t finish the contract because I always felt sick and I am always consumed with this. Recently I had been diagnosed with auto-immune disease , I am even more sick but I wanted to be productive despite of this. So I made a self-reflection and told me myself I should break the cycle and finish what I have started. I wend back to the rehabilitation center for disabled people, I volunteered myself to work at that place. I have a goal of working 3x a week since I had a doctor’s appointment every Tuesday. I think by doing this it made me slowly break the chain of my tardiness and it can put confidence on myself that I can stat all over again


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