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How I did it
How to do something new every month
It took me
5 years
It made me
So happy!!

How to feed the hungry
It took me
6 months
It made me
So happy

How to get my engagement ring reset
It took me
4 months
It made me
Happy happy happy!!

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Complete Whole30 program (read all 7 entries…)
Day 7

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, cut up peppers, tomatoes and cukes on the side, juice, coffee
Lunch: oops, 1 slice of cheese pizza. cheated as we have SO much leftover and I had no time to make something!
Snack: small handful of macadamia nuts.
Dinner: salmon, broccoli, watermelon

Few bites of zucchini chocolate chip batter as I was making muffins for me kids (omg, so good!). Wanted a cocktail while we watched the bruins game, but resisted since I’d already cheated.

Got on the scale this morning and I’m back in the right direction (lost the 1.5 that I’d thought I’d gained back plus a little more!!) Yay! Off to yoga. First early am class I’ve been to since I”ve started this. Hopefully it won’t do me in!

Lose 10 pounds and keep it off. (read all 51 entries…)
137.8 this morning

So happy to be seeing steady progress again. Lost 6.6 pounds and heading to yoga!!

learn Swedish (read all 8 entries…)
sin, sitt/min, mitt/var, vart

Ugh! I mess these pronouns up so often because I haven’t memorized which nouns are common and which are neuter. I miss the neuter ones just about every time (except table and apple). Need to start a written running vocabulary list of neuter nouns so that I can memorize them and hopefully fix this problem. It isn’t being corrected by just repetition in my Rosetta Stone sessions.

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