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Learn to cook
I would like to learn to cook without a recipe.

I know how to follow directions… kind of. I can cook with a recipe. I wold like to learn how to cook without a recipe.

So far I can cook
1. Stir Fry
2. Quiche
3. Pad See Ewe
4. Baked Macaroni & Cheese
5. Various Vegetables
6. Crushed Lentil Soup
7. Cheese Cake

I would like to learn how to make
1. Vegetarian Sushi
2. Vegetarian Lasagna

lose 40 pounds (read all 2 entries…)
Change of lifestyle.

What works for me when I need to lose weight is to change my lifestyle. In 2009, I discovered fasting. I would recommend doing a very healthy fast four times a year. Once a quarter.

Here’s a few types
1. Spiritual Fasting (you can give up a few food addictions, and replace it with reading the bible (or spiritual texts), praying (or meditating) for 40 days … or until you receive a specific spiritual answer. Some people abstain from food all together from sun up until sun down.
2. Juice fasting. (Does not work with most store bought juice) For me, this is for health or detox reasons only. Personally, I didn’t lose any weight on a juice fast. But I think it’s great for your health.
3. Master Cleanse… It is risky… but you will lose weight (mostly water weight). I would recommend using the cleanse to kick something out of your diet. The only way you will keep the weight off is if you CHANGE your diet after you finish the cleanse. Otherwise, you’ll just go back to normal if nothing changes.

Little things like walking as much as possible, taking the stairs as much as possible. Go a very long way.

Be wary of medications that fuck with your thyroids and change your metabolism.

The main thing is to change the lifestyle.

And breastfeeding does help you burn calories.

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)
100 Things that make me happy

1. Blue Chicory (Blue Dandelions)
2. Cumulous Clouds
3. Babies
4. Macaroni & Cheese
5. Lemonade
6. Church Sermons
7. Heart Talks
8. Hugs
9. Greek Omelettes
9. Humous
10. Kissing in Rain
11. Siblings
12. Intimate Conversations
13. The Color Brown
14. Red Evening Gowns
15. Afros
16. (Dread)Locks
17. Road Trips
18. Book Stores
19. Libraries
20. University Campuses
21. Cloth Diapers
22. Trumpet Players
23. Cellists
24. Documentaries
25. Stationery
26. Diaries
27. Blogs
28. Huge Cities
29. Marble Buildings
30. Zuccini
31. Men with sharped edge tapered haircuts
32. Men in european cut style suits
33. Happy Marriages without infidelity
34. Warm Hoodies in the Winter Time
35. Air Conditioning
36. Hawaii
37. Baby kicks inside my uterus
38. Yellow and Orange Peppers
39. Lemon Glazed Pound Cakes
40. Handwritten Letters
41. Movies based off of literature
42. 4-5 inch Stilettos
43. Leather pants
44. Handmade earrings
45. Quilts
46. Stuffed Animals
47. Men in Tassel Loafers
48. Black Erotica
49. Pillows
50. Company
51. Lynchburg Lemonades
52. Hard Apple Cider
53. Frozen Mango Margaritas
54. Apple Martinis
55. Stiletto Cowboy Boots
56. Knee-High Leather Boots
57. Turtles
58. Ity Bity Dogs
59. Cheesecake
60. Collard Greens
61. Waterfronts
62. Black Tie Events
63. Short Men
64. Men with Muscular Backs
65. Acoustic Guitars
66. Live Music
67. Old Photographs
68. Lectures
69. Paperback Books
70. Dramatic Films
71. Funny people
72. Happy children
73. Getting Hair Shampooed
74. Deep Tissue Massages
75. Hip Hop Ciphers
76. Modern Dance
77. Classical Music
78. Installation Art
79. Found Object Art
80. Graphitti Art
81. Assemblage Art
82. Brown Pointe Shoes
83. Scrapbooks
84. Plum colored lipstick
85. Gold & Bronze eyeshaddow
86. men’s cologne
87. men with manicures
88. men with foreign accents
89. papermate pens
90. highlighters
91. totebags
92. purses
93. Aveno
94. Cera Ve
95. Sugar Scrubs
96. Chamamile Tea
97. Salad straight from the garden
98. Tomato & Mozzella
99. Wrap Around Dresses
100. Friendship

go vegan
Dietary Vegan

I admit it. I’m not ready to give up leather, suede or silk.

But, I would love to become a dietary vegan. I’m sure that many hard-core vegans consider this to be cheating. Sometimes, you have to take small steps. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 5 years now. And I haven’t eaten pork or beef in about 9 years.

Right now my largest addiction is dairy (especially cheese) and eggs. Giving up cheese and eggs will be very difficult.

I tried to go vegan in August. It only lasted for about three days. Maybe 2 and a half.

This time, I am going to try to detox using The Master Cleanser, and then ease into a vegan lifestyle. After fasting, I will try to add foods that do not include eggs or cheese into my diet.

Today, I had two slices of pizza. If all goes well, that will be the last (nonvegan, real cheese) pizza I have in a long time. We’ll see!

master cleanse
No Solid Food For 40 Days

This Saturday, I am going to begin the Master Cleanse. I am going to attempt to do this for 10-14 days. After completing the cleanse, I plan on doing a fruit/vegetable juice fast for 26-30 days.

I am hoping to purify my body, lose weight and curb some of my sugar cravings.

Wish me luck!
No solid food for 40 days!

lose 40 pounds (read all 2 entries…)
Can I lose 40 pounds in 4 months?

Last year, I took a medicine which caused me to gain about 40 pounds in a two month period of time.

I’ve stopped taking the medicine, thus I stopped gaining weight. But, I haven’t lost the weight that I picked up.

At the end of July, I’ll be turning 25. I want to lose the extra 40 pounds before I turn a quarter century old.

I’m already a vegetarian, so my diet is decently healthy. My main fault is eating too many sweets.

Beginning Weight: 168 lbs. (Size 10)
Goal Weight: 128 lbs (Size 6)

Plan of action: Fast & Work Out

Beginning March 28th begin a 40 day fast.
Days 1-14 I will do the Lemon-Cayenne Pepper Detox
Days 15-40 I will do natural fruit juice & water fast.

I will start working out on day 15 when I begin to consume fruit juice.
320 crunches daily
30-60 minutes of Tae Bo 5 days a week
60-120 minutes of Gym Work out 1-2 days a week

It is possible that I might lose water weight as well as fat during the fast. I expect to gain the water weight back…

After I complete the fast… I’ll continue to work out 5-7 days a week doing crunches and arobic activity.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

start a non-profit

A few friends of mine have decided to start a group: Engaging Voices of Leadership Via Education.

We are in the beginning phases of what we hope will become a nationwide non-profit initiative to connect young people in urban areas with young professionals in their respective cities.

So far we have held two events in New York. The first was a trip for the young professionals to the museum of the New York Historical Society. The second was a networking event at Social Bar.

We are currently planning an event for Dominican teens in Washington Heights. And we should start planning out our fall. I’m really, really excited about it.

Sometimes, I beat myself up. I ask myself who am I to be a mentor. I’m not successful! I’m broke. And then I realized that I am blessed, gifted and talented. And, I have come a long way. I do have things to give back. I will give back. Whatever it takes to help another get to where I am, and then beyond.

own a writer's colony
Writer's Colony... in Africa

Perhaps this is a long shot. Call me a dreamer!

But, one day I would really like to open up a writer’s colony in an African country. (No, I haven’t figured out which one… because I haven’t been to the continent yet.)

I am sure that one day I will… and it’s going to be great. Writer’s will be able to stay for 3, 6 or 12 months… but it will be based off of an application process.

Yes, I have big dreams. But, more than dreams I have goals. First I’ll open the bookstore… then start the publishing company… then the non profit and finally the writer’s colony.

Just wait… you’ll see…



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