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get a piano

I got an electric piano for christmas—now I just need to play it

Get Bangs

Now I just need to keep them trimmed…

Go to the dentist
way too many cavities

but they’re filled now…

get corrective eye surgery or lasik

I like my glasses

unpack all my boxes

this goal is left over from the last time I moved, but it applies again. why do we have so much stuff?!

Paint the trim on the house
new house is too ugly

color combination is taupe, black, brown, and ugly green – yuck. Can’t paint the entire exterior this year, but just the trim would be a big improvement. I’m thinking windows white, shutters and door a dark forest green.

Get new glasses
Got a very cool Kate Spade pair

They look better and are not so scratched so now I can see.

Go back to Boston
I want to move back

The weather in California is lovely but we miss our friends, and I miss the seasons and I don’t like the car culture. Hopefully we can move back soon after the baby’s born.

Quit my job

I had to come up with an elaborate justification, and I’m stuck here till the end of September, but it was the right thing to do. What a relief!

refine my goals

they should be more concrete and better reflect my true priorities and at least some should be fun

Take vitamins daily

I’ve been taking my prenatals regularly for months, so I think I can say this habit is installed.

grow tomatoes (read all 2 entries…)

My husband has been in charge of the garden, but it’s turning out great! we’ve had quite a few cherry tomatoes already.

get a Mac mini

definitely load up the memory as much as you can, but quite good for the price

Buy a Mini
A great little car!

My Mini is more than two years old and I still love it. Terrific handling and a lot of fun to drive. Spring for the “S” or you’ll wish you did. The sunroof is so worth it.

learn to ride a bike (read all 2 entries…)
bike stolen!

I went on vacation and when I got back my bike was gone! My fault for not locking it up. I think I’d better postpone this goal till after the baby, anyway, since it’s not good falling off bikes while pregnant

Get more iron
turns out I have a slight iron deficiency

despite taking the prenatal vitamin with iron, even though it makes me nauseous. Guess I’ll have to eat more steak :)

Learn to knit
Just relearned after 10 years not knitting

I’ve abandoned two new projects already, but I think I’ll keep at it this time.

camp more

visited a great national forest in Northern CA this weekend. A long drive, but so worth it.

get pregnant (read all 2 entries…)

home test says yes! that was so much easier than I expected. now to change my goal to “have a baby”

get pregnant (read all 2 entries…)
test inconclusive

am I pregnant or not? the waiting is making me crazy!

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