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Truly Live IT :) (read all 4 entries…)
What to find in a man

Loves spontaneity

Appreciates thoughtfulness

Embraces intensity and abhors conversations about the weather and the color of my fingernail polish

Would never think to apply a formula to determine whether being with me was a worthy risk.

If was forced to apply a formula, would determine that I am worth any risk.

make a life plan (read all 2 entries…)
Steps- not sure but steps to be sure

New bank account with interest bearing savings and checking
New credit cards in my name
Called on COBRA which just proved HR people can be idiots
Listed all assets
Demanded an appraisal and steps to refinancing
Talked to the kids
Cancelled spare phone line

Transfer direct deposit
Resolve finances- house, car
Switch names- car, utilities, home phone
Switch over- car title, house title, insurance, cell phone
Find- health insurance, disability insurance

identify things that make me unhappy and erase them from my life (read all 3 entries…)
Everything that you do or say that makes delete the only option

1. Having an agenda but denying it
2. Being endlessly available in the beginning and endlessly busy at the end
3. Projecting emotions on me that did not exist but making me feel defensive about them nonetheless
4. “Are you hungry?”
5. “Shower? Are you nuts?”
6. No reaching out at the right times
7. No cuddling when it would be appropriate
8. “My hair is still wet”
9. Fully clothed immediately
10. One night and a sleeping pill
11. “You’re too intense”
12. “You’re too thoughtful”
13. Applying a formula to determine if a friendship/relationship can continue
14. Emotions should not be considered
15. “I don’t say good-bye or see you later or call you or I will miss you”, I just walk away or shut off
16. “I don’t like surprises”
17. “I don’t ever do anything I don’t want to”
18. “I just want to be an Island”
19. “Just let it be”
20. “I must never say sorry” (even when I am a total tool)
21. You would never ask how I am or if things are fine
22. “You should treat me like any other acquaintance”
23. Be blatantly rude
24. Never acknowledge you know me in front of anyone else

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