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I close my eyes and there is light but why arent’ the stars out when they open to darkness?

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Ask Forgiveness and Forgive
With Prayers- I am sorry Mother.

I start and ask forgiveness first and foremost from my mother.
Mother , plz forgive me for being an ungrateful kid.Plz forgive me as i did not heed to all those scarifices that u did and continue to do for me, i know u still see me as a kid and i always judge you, plz forgive me for all the times i have hurt your heart, everytime i didnt’ listen to u, each time i did opposite of what i was told, every time i wasted food, each and every penny i splurged and as a kid even stole from your purse which might be a petty amount still it was theft, i ask forgiveness for the time not spent with you when i was a rebellious teenager, i ask forgiveness for every bad word i mouthed even if i never meant it, i ask forgiveness for not listening to you and regretting later, i ask forgiveness that i couldnt’ understand your experience, i ask forgiveness for not helping around and now when i am grown up u still help me.
Mother however good and responsible i become and how a good human being i might become but i will always be your sinner as i hurt you a lot as i grew up and now i still am troublesome in my own mature way.

I promise to try and become a better kid to you whom you might look upto and be happy and proud in my company, i promise to try and not judge every word you say and be patient with you as you were and are with me after all these years.

I love you and wish that my life years to be added in yours so i can be a little worthy of you.

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