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  1. 1. run a marathon
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  2. 2. hike the Appalachian trail
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  3. 3. Become an RN
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  4. 4. Start my family tree
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  5. 5. Learn Spanish
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  6. 6. Take a photography course
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  7. 7. Run an eight minute mile
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  8. 8. Learn calculus
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  9. 9. Get a passport
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  10. 10. Build a treehouse
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How I did it
How to eat more fruits and veggies
It took me
365 days
It made me

How to read eldest
It took me
2 weeks
It made me
right on

How to get my teeth cleaned
It took me
2 years
It made me

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run a marathon (read all 26 entries…)
Back in the Saddle again

So after having two babies I am finally back on the road and on a program. First goal….complete another half marathon and then get to training for a marathon.

run a marathon (read all 26 entries…)

I am getting back on track after having my baby peanut. I am in pre-training mode which means beginning with alot of walking, weight training and a 5k run this weekend. I am starting out slow and will be running a 1/2 marathon in September and another in November. Get ready set…...GO! WML

Become an RN (read all 6 entries…)
Microbiology and Nursing 190

I only have two courses left to complete but will have to put them off until Spring 2008. Then I start my program of FALL 2008. Seems far off but will be here in a blink.

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