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  1. 1. stop obsessing
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  2. 2. stop being shy
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pierce my nose

JUST DO IT ! it doesnt hurt as much as u think it would be

stop being shy

awkward – awkward especially talkin to someone’s new. i just find myself in a silent mode worrying for smtg that i am even sure what is. i realize i would bring a negative energy to the group coz i am so damn uncomfortable ! and obviously i would not even close to havin FUN

stop obsessing
my crazy mind

growin up , i always wanting what i cant have !

time to time , i would find an object for obsession. The worst is obsessing over a very cute barista ! i seen him for half a year, it took me a year to get over him and that’s just because he is no longer workin in there. i said i’m over him but if i can stil pick a person out of the entire world to be with , it stil would be HIM.

I am so troubled. my mind is going crazy and now i think i might make the same mistake AGAIN. there’s this guy who works closely to where i work, he would pass by and i notice him. i mean i dont like him , not in that way , but i just find myself turning my head whenever he’s around. stil it was OK until one night i dreamt about him and it only took me a week to get crazy over him. I found his name online, and from the profile picture, i think he is seeing someone too. But, i always thinkin about him now and i would check if he is working or not, just so i can get a glimpse of him.


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