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  1. 1. be more confident
    11,593 people
  2. 2. grow taller
    1,471 people
  3. 3. start my own line
    2 people
  4. 4. speak fluent spanish
    723 people
  5. 5. stop caring what others think.
    254 people
  6. 6. wants to be more natural crazy confident free and loose
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  7. 7. do yoga
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  8. 8. Kiss in the rain
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  9. 9. go to newyork
    18 people
  10. 10. speak fluent french
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  11. 11. help the bears in china
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  12. 12. speak fluent Japanese
    152 people
  13. 13. should stop worrying about my image
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  14. 14. Write the story of my life.
    52 people
  15. 15. be more outspoken
    96 people
  16. 16. The summer I graduate, Ibiza for internship!
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  17. 17. Establish The Graces by December
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master cleanse
first day

I had the tea last night and oh.. was it torturing when i woke up, i did not want to give u a slightly unpleasant image. But i had to go to the bathroom for 3 times :S. I was craving sweet so much so i had a bite of chocolate, hope its fine tho :p After that i followed by the Saline wash, now that tastes yucky but i finished the 32oz. So proud. and now my lemonade is being froze it the refrigerator cos i heard it tastes better cold. Now its 4.25 pm. and im seriously craving food. I cracked again had a bite of chocolate. but this time, it doesnt taste anything. I drank the lemonade and i was craving too much food so i had another bite of crackers, hopefully this doesnt effect too much on this :S I almost finish my last glass of water, and i’m feeling rather sleepy, unusually sleepy. Weird.
Will start the diet again tomorrow clean! But i’m not gonna take another laxative tea. Maybe on day 3.

collect 100 thousand to go to melbourne by october

i want to save up money to 100,000 B to go to Melbourne, to visit my best friend, and my very special person. Mr.patman :)
we’ll see if i can really do it..


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