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live without a television for a year
No TV - are you mad

I did this when I was renting a bedsit (1 room flat) in London.

It was actually really easy to do. I used to tape (how sad am I) a regular soap on the radio called “The Archers” and listen to it when I got home. I also made sure that on Tuesdays at 6.30 I was either listening or taped a comedy show.

It was really amazing how much of the talk at work was about television programmes. People would start by saying ‘did you see … on tele last night’ – uh, no I don’t have a tele. ‘What’

Easy peasy. It lasted for near on 18 months.

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have a vegetable garden.
Learn about veg gardens and make one

Moving into my new house at end of April and want to start one then. I know nothing about gardening!

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