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  1. 1. learn a new word each week
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  2. 2. be more impulsive
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Waste less time
To better myself

Although I don’t watch TV (as I don’t own one), and don’t live close to many friends – I find myself wasting time.
Either I sit and just surf the net or I sit and sulk about how my town is so boring; or my best tactic to waste time is to think about all of the projects and assignments for work I have to get done and how I’ll never be able to get them all done
So I have decided that, that is all going to change! Im going to promise to myself that work hours are for work only – no more chatting with co-workers for 90% of the day.
And instead of complaining about all the work I have to do – just pulling up my socks and getting it done…one step at a time.
I hope that I can complete this task – and if I can it will be a remarkable accomplishment

be more impulsive
Choosing yours impulses wisely

Im excited to become more impulsive – although all my friends say Im quite impulsive enough.
I disagree.
But I think what Im really after is being selectively impulsive – always saying “Yes” to fun things with friends when they come up, or learning something new etc etc.
I want to change the direction of my impulsive behavior to be one which is beneficial for myself as well as others.
Wish me luck!

learn a new word each week

The simplest definition of a zoonosis is a disease that can be transmitted from other vertebrate animals to humans. A slightly more technical definition is a disease that normally exists in other animals, but also infects humans.


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