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I'm doing 12 things

How I did it
How to get good grades in my GCSEs
It took me
2 years
It made me
Very happy

How to stop hating myself
It took me
1 year
It made me
Happy and fufilled

How to read all of Death Note
It made me

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Pass my A-Levels with A's and B's

Finally. Better than I ever could have hoped for really <3

Write down 50 things i like about me (read all 4 entries…)
I said i'd try to finish it eventually haha

23) I like (all) my ear piercings, especially my baby 5th ones :D
24) I like my tongue piercing
25) I like my belly-button piercing
26) I like that I can look very different from day to day with little effort (I can look really girly one day and really tom-boy-ish the next)
27)I like my neck, even if it is a giraffe-ish sometimes
28)I like my bone structure
29)I like the way I look in (some) dresses
30)I apparently give good hugs _
31)I make good tea and coffee haha

Get my nose pierced.
Learning to not hate my nose :)

I have a fair few piercings already and I decided I wanted to do this a few days ago. I used to really hate my nose a few years ago, but I don’t mind it so much now, so I decided getting it pierced would be a nice way to mark that and make it even nicer :)

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