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Oh Captain, My Captain

If I remember right, I was 14-15 when I wrote this…had it published through when I was 15. Wow…that was 8 years ago! Anyways, enjoy!

Oh Captain, my Captain, wherefore didst thou go?
When ocean waves called, and whale songs implored.
For I needed thee most when e’er thou were farthest,
And yearned for thine touch when thou couldn’st reach me.

Oh Captain, my Captain, why must thee stray?
When cries from my heart yearned to scream out in pain.
When I needed thee most, thou were always afar,
When my arms opened wide, thou hadst gone to the sea.

Oh Captain, my Captain, why hast thou not returned?
When port hast expected thee two years gone by.
I miss thee far more than e’er stars do the moon
Far more than any lover whose love hast been lost.

Oh Captain, my Captain, shall I come to thee?
I long for thine comfort, for thine warm embrace.
They tell me thou art gone, that thou shall never return.
Oh Captain, my Captain, shall I meet thee soon?

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First Moves 05-11-2007

Twisting, turning, all tumbled up

Fluttering butterflies, little kicks inside

Every day a little stronger

As my excitement grows

Can’t wait for september

When I’ll hold her in my arms

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Poet's Struggle

A thought/ almost grasped
Left lingering just beyond reach
Stranded/ alone
Yet surrounded by a thousand words
Searching for the bridge
The connection that stands by/ taunting
Perfection in sight
Attainable/ yet not
Paper alone does not suffice
Words added to it
Merely a hope for the future
Combining the past and the present
A future waiting to be made
It is an orchestration of words
Awaiting the maestro to lead
Not yet worth a dime
Wishing to be priceless
Starving for perfection
Unable to perfect
Stands the poet awaiting acknowledgement

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