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  1. 1. lose weight
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  2. 2. have ababy
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  3. 3. have my dream job
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  4. 4. HAVE ACAR
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  5. 5. travel on acruise with my husband
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  6. 6. go home to egypt
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  7. 7. do more for Community
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  8. 8. Read more
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  9. 9. have my dream house
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have my dream house

it`s dream from a victorian picture of Duplex house with a garden around it,blue sky and rock floor with abeautiful view,
my husband and i are dreaming of having our own house

have ababy
my dream

i`m married for 6 monthes and i was engaged for almost 2 years
and since i was alittle girl it was my dream,so here i`m dreaming to be amother,
un fortunely i have pco. and my doctor said it`s no big deal and i may be pregnant with out treatment,but i`m so afraid it may take long time to have ababy.


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